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Computer scam disappointment

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Don McKenzie, May 14, 2013.

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  1. Don McKenzie

    Don McKenzie Guest

    Last night at around 18:00, I got a phone call from a Mike Johnson from a "muffled (not very clear)" computer company.
    Sounded like an Indian accent. Unusual I thought. :)

    He said I have a computer problem, and he would be able to help me fix it.

    Well, so many have had this call in the past, and it was my first time, so I was pretty enthusiastic to play the game.

    Perhaps too enthusiastic, he hung up before we got started.
    What a bitter disappointment.

    I assume they are still catching plenty of people out still.


    Don McKenzie

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  2. Sylvia Else

    Sylvia Else Guest

    The natural response of an ideal mark is to express concern or worry.
    This is what you have to simulate.

  3. Petzl

    Petzl Guest

    I'm with Telstra and HAVE to have a landline phone?
    Get these calls all the time never hang up tell them I'm getting
    someone to answer and leave the phone by the TV

    Not sure but wonder if a Internet phone will stop charging caller when
    I do this?

    Used to be if I call "you" on a landline and didn't hang up it would
    disable your phone till I did. Not other way around (Landline to me is
  4. felix_unger

    felix_unger Guest

    I just blast them with 110db from a personal security alarm :)
  5. Petzl

    Petzl Guest

    Talk quietly first
  6. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    But you don't have to even have a phone plugged into it.
    They don't get charged for the length of the call at
    all, just for the call itself, and only cents for that too.
    Nope. You would always see a B party disconnect
    rather later, usually after about a minute and a half.

    It was done like that so that when you were called,
    you could unplug the phone, move it to somewhere
    else in the house, plug it into the socket there, and
    continue with the call that had just come in.
    Yes there is, don't even have a phone plugged in at all.
  7. Just think to yourself, "what would Winnie the Pooh say in a situation like
    this?" ;-)
  8. Jeßus

    Jeßus Guest

    They called me last week while I was doing my home brew, straight off
    I asked him what the **** he wanted (in those words), which he either
    ignored or it went over his head.

    I had the cordless handset so I thought why not string him along as it
    wasn't slowing me down with the brewing. After about 25 minutes I got
    a bit bored, so that's when I explained I was wasting his time.

    He didn't like it... the discussion then got *very* interesting for
    nearly another 20 minutes when I compared my lifestyle to his, being
    in some cubicle in some sewer of a city in Africa before he finally
    hung up.

    He didn't believe I was an (retired) IT tech, because I couldn't
    provide him with my 'I.D number' :)
  9. Sylvia Else

    Sylvia Else Guest

    I got to play today.

    First we got to visit the event log, where the reported errors were
    claimed to be evidence of virus attacks. Without being prompted I opened
    a report and told him that it said "Time not set". He just told me not
    to open them, and alleged that it was dangerous to do so.

    Then we went off to a command prompt, where he got me to enter an assoc
    command. He drew my attention to the


    line and told me that it was my computer's serial number (it's actually
    always the same number), and proceeded to get me to start checking it as
    he read it out. When he got to the 11CF part, I insisted that it was
    11CD. This should have been his first real clue that I wasn't really a
    mark. He started again, and again, when we reached 11CF I insisted that
    it as 11CD. He brushed that off on the basis that the preceeding part
    was the serial number, and 11CD etc part was something else.

    Then he got me to go to a web site, and click on a link that would
    download some software. He asked what I saw, and I said there was a
    window that said "You don't want to run this." He asked whether there
    was a button marked along the lines of "run anway". I said there was, so
    he asked me to press it. I told him that I had, and that it said "You
    really don't want to run this."

    Then we had some discussion about whether I had a virus checker
    installed. I said (falsely, as it happens) that I didn't.

    So he then directed me to a different web page, and again click to
    download a program. I said that a window came up saying "You don't want
    to run this either."

    And finally, he twigged.

    Sheesh, these people are slow. No wonder they're working for Indian scam
    call centres.

  10. Damian

    Damian Guest

    How do you do that?!
    Did you disclose your phone number to them?
  11. Sylvia Else

    Sylvia Else Guest

    No. I think they just target numbers are random. You just have to wait,
    and be ready.

    I've had a number of such calls. Sometimes I've played, and sometimes
    I've just hung up on them. Depends on my mood and other demands on my time.

  12. Don McKenzie

    Don McKenzie Guest

    Now getting a lot of "0011976000" numbers during the afternoon towards evening meal time.

    Have answered with: "I bought a jeep", and "I have been waiting for you to call as I missed you", and they always hang
    up, or no speaky.

    Google 0011976000 brings up some interesting results.

    for example:


    Don McKenzie

    $30 for an Olinuxino Linux PC:

    The World's Cheapest Computer:
    DuinoMite the PIC32 $25 Basic Computer-MicroController
    Add VGA Monitor/TV, and PS2 Keyboard, or use USB Terminal
    Arduino Shield, Programmed in Basic, or C.
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