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Computer Infrared Receiver

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Simon Goldin, May 8, 2004.

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  1. Simon Goldin

    Simon Goldin Guest

    Hello, I am interested in building a IR receiver for my computer, and
    came across this site: and I
    want to build this schematic:

    But I came across quite a problem...
    I can't seem to find either the IS1U60L or the GP1U52X anywhere.
    IS1U60L datasheet:
    GP1U52X datasheet:
    Does anyone know where I can find it, or a different schematic that
    utilises parts that are easier to find? If not, can I replace the
    IS1U60L with IS1U621L, or the IS1U60 (Although the schematic calls for
    the IS1U60L, I found one datasheet that's for both IS1U60 and

    That's all for now... I will post again if anything else comes up.
    Please post or e-mail me with help.

    Simon Goldin, a.k.a. Sleepaholic88
  2. I can't seem to find either the IS1U60L or the GP1U52X anywhere.
    You can sub in practically any IR Rx module there. Try maybe a Vishay
    TSOP1238, which you can get from Mouser. (Note: I couldn't get to the
    datasheets you linked to; they wouldn't download. So I don't know the
    center frequency of those specific parts you mentioned. Substitute one
    of the other TSOP12xx series parts as appropriate).
  3. Simon Goldin

    Simon Goldin Guest

    I coudn't find the 276-137 on the Radio Shack site, but TSOP1238
    should be fine.

    Another thing - Where can I get a 5 V, 20 mA power source? What would
    an estimate price for it be?

    Thanks again.
    Simon Goldin
  4. Another thing - Where can I get a 5 V, 20 mA power source? What would
    From a higher-voltage, unregulated source using a 78L05 regulator, and
    about $0.80, respectively.
  5. fordsen

    fordsen Guest

    After a number of phone calls I finally found this infrared sensor
    IS1U60L from Sharp at
    If you go to the site you will find it under 'sensors'. This company
    is based in Canada and the downside is that the price is about
    [b:9c95f91c1e]$3.95 US.[/b:9c95f91c1e] I also found a distributor in
    Massachussets for the company Future Electronics that sells the part
    for about [b:9c95f91c1e]$1.80 US[/b:9c95f91c1e]. The downside of
    that deal is that you have to buy [b:9c95f91c1e]50[/b:9c95f91c1e]
    pieces which isn't convenient unless you own an electronics store.

    I'm not sure about the operation of the
    [b:9c95f91c1e]TSOP1238[/b:9c95f91c1e] but supposedly it replaces the
    IS1U60L. For the regulator, I found a [b:9c95f91c1e]5V 100mA 78L05
    [/b:9c95f91c1e]regulator for [b:9c95f91c1e]$0.40 [/b:9c95f91c1e]at The same site also carries the TSOP1238
    for[b:9c95f91c1e] $1[/b:9c95f91c1e].

    How can a cheap [b:9c95f91c1e]serial port connector[/b:9c95f91c1e] be
    obtained? My guess was to rip the cable off and old mouse. Any
    suggestions would be welcome!

    I'm building the same project as Simon Golding. If anybody would like
    to mutually share their results, toubleshooting tips be sure to
    contact me at
  6. Bill Vajk

    Bill Vajk Guest


    Usenet is designed for common ascii posting. Stop being
    a jerk.
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