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Compressed air car nearing manufacture

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by News, May 15, 2012.

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  1. News

    News Guest

    You are a senile madman.
  2. Mho

    Mho Guest

    If you can believe anything on Wikipedia.
    "The engine uses a mixture of compressed air and gasoline injected into the

    "News" wrote in message
    The press realease was this month!!!!!!

    Tata are assessing the manufacturing side now having assessed the engines as

    So for those who said it would not work.,,it does.
  3. News

    News Guest

    At times it can be 100% gasoline or 100% air or mixed. All in the same
    engine unit. No separate motors as in other hybrids.
  4. Bob F

    Bob F Guest

    Please point out the documentation of this statement.
  5. News

    News Guest

    You are clearly senile.
  6. News

    News Guest

  7. Bob F

    Bob F Guest

    WOW! That is the stupidist video I can imagine a proponent of these cars

    They claim that compressed air costs nothing. Morons.

    They claim, that with an electric compressor in the car, the compressed air
    engine drives an alternator which drives a compressor, to keep it "full"
    forever. Idiots!

    Do they really think people are as stupid as they are?
  8. Bob F

    Bob F Guest

    And, as far as the video title, which claims 200 mile range, they video says
    absolutely nothing about that stupid claim.
  9. harry k

    harry k Guest

    Well, "News" for sure does.

    Harry K
  10. harry k

    harry k Guest

    I don't watch U-tube (on dial-up) but that ref to 200 mph and free air
    sounds suspiciously like the first claims MIDI was making 10-15 years
    ago. The amount of BS put out back then would have heated the world
    if set on fire.

    Harry K
  11. News

    News Guest

    They never.

    You are silly.
  12. harry k

    harry k Guest

    Maybe silly but he is accurate and you are FOS as usual.

    Harry K
  13. "Bob F" wrote in message news:k28sgo$248$...

    Honestly, yes, they do. Just look at all the people buying "Amish" or
    "infrared" space heaters for a few C notes each.

    Or look at many videos of BEVs where there will inevitably be a comment
    along the lines of "Can't you add a wind turbine or a generator to recharge
    the battery as you drive?"

    Or all of the "magnet motor" or other over-unity videos. (My standard
    question will be "Where is the governor to keep it from speeding up to
    destruction with no load") as if an induction motor driving a generator head
    would automatically maintain 60Hz when disconnected from the grid assuming
    that over-unity ever would work.

    Or HHO scams, particularly the ones who claim you need an EFIE device to
    screw with your O2 sensor signal. Apparently they don't understand how a
    standard lambda O2 sensor works.
  14. News

    News Guest

    That he is, and you are senile.
  15. harry k

    harry k Guest

    Have you taken the time yet to read about that "air" car yet? Did you
    discover that it _isn't_ an "air" car at all but run
    by IC? It is right there in that article you cited.

    I may be senile in your eyes but at least in the morning _you_ will
    still be stupid.

    Harry K
  16. News

    News Guest

    It is hybrid, able to run on gasoline and air.
    That you are.
  17. harry k

    harry k Guest

    A hybrid runs on one or the other. That POS you keep lying about
    cannot "run on
    air" alone.

    Harry K
  18. harry k

    harry k Guest

    I bet it runs better than his vapor ware 'air car' does.

    Harry K
  19. News

    News Guest

    Pay attention senile person! It can.
  20. harry k

    harry k Guest

    Here's a revolutionary idea. How about you just shut up about your
    pipe dream until they acrually BUILD one.

    Harry K
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