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Components in TV antenna selector

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by Jaxx, Apr 23, 2007.

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  1. Jaxx

    Jaxx Guest

    I am in the UK. I bought a very cheap antenna selector from my local
    discount store.

    It has 3 UHF sockets and one UHF plug. A sliding switch connects the
    plug to one of the 3 sockets. Inside there are no components whatsover
    except the sliding switch.

    Am not sure if this is for one Tv to switch between 3 antennas. Or for
    a single antenna to be routed to one of 3 TVs connected to the box.

    Is this right? I thought there should be some coils or capacitors of
    something like that.

    Is this device truly CRAP or should it work tolerably well in spite of
    the fact that it breaches good-practise antenna installation?
  2. Palindrome

    Palindrome Guest

    It can be used to connect one aerial to one of (up to) 3 receivers or to
    connect one receiver to one of (up to) 3 aerials.

    It doesn't and isn't intended to split the signal and thus doesn't need
    the coils or capacitors you expected to see.

    It should manage to do the job for which it was intended, ie part of a
    home broadcast reception system. It will be less than ideal in many
    respects, but that shouldn't matter - it will still work.

    Obviously if the application was more demanding, it wouldn't do, but a
    device made to meet that requirement would be over-engineered for this
    one. Enjoy.

    However, if you really did want something that would split the signal
    into 2/3 paths, it isn't going to be much use, as is. You may be able to
    modify it to suit - in which case a better quality switch could actually
    be harder, as it would quite possibly terminate/short circuit, the
    non-active sockets..
  3. You get what you pay for (if you are lucky).
    Small sithches have small enough capacitance to serve the switching
    function at UHF.
    Your choice in the matter.
    In the cse where only one circuit is active at a time, impedance
    changing is not required.
    Crap may not be the best choice of words. It's simplistic. At best it
    will work where you are obliged to have several antennas, perhaps rabbit
    ears vs dipole or bow tie, or several UHF bow-ties aimed in various
    directions. Or you can use it to send the signal from a very good
    antenna to any one of three TV's or VCR's.

    Angelo Campanella
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