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Component marked TH101 on overlay

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by N Cook, Jan 8, 2008.

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  1. N Cook

    N Cook Guest

    In series to the DC supply to a Yamaha P120 piano , 0.1 ohm or less even
    warming with a soldering iron, so not a thermistor.
    It is yellow epoxy cased and about 8mm sqare like a plate capacitor
    UF250 or UF25C with logo of V superimposed over an upturned V and then 3e

    I assume its a working order fuse , but value 2.5 amps ?
    The supply is rated 16V, 2.4A
  2. PhattyMo

    PhattyMo Guest

    Maybe a thermal fuse? "TH101" would suggest to me a thermistor
    (resistance seems a bit low.),or other 'thermal' component.
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