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Component Identification Help Needed

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Bob Kos, Jun 22, 2007.

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  1. Bob Kos

    Bob Kos Guest

    Hi All:

    I am in the process of repairing a GM automotive instrument cluster. This
    particular car has a vacuum flourescent display to indicate gear selection
    (PRNDL). This display is inoperational. Observed is a missing component.
    There is a section of the PCB where four seemingly identical components were
    set up. One literally fell off the PCB due to poor soldering. The other 3
    were easily lifted off with light pressure from my thumb nail. My job now
    is to try and obtain a replacement component. My main problem is that I
    cannot positively identify the part I need. I suspect that it is a high
    grade resistor, but I have never seen one of these before. A picture is
    located at the URL below:

    The part is about 1/4" long overall. It is a cylindrical shape with
    slightly larger ends than the overall diameter. It reminds me of a very
    tiny copy of a cartridge fuse used in household power centers. The center
    section is colored black. The ends are colored charcoal. There are two
    similar devices elsewhere on the PCB that are colored brown with bright
    silver ends. There are no readable markings at all on any of the

    Two of the components I have measure 151.5 ohms. The third measures 121.6

    Can anybody offer any suggestion as to what this component is?
    Recommendations for a reasonably obtainable substitute part? I'll have to
    guess at the value of the missing part, but I need to konw what I'm looking

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

  2. cnctut

    cnctut Guest



    Looks like a surface mounted resistor.

  3. Bob Kos

    Bob Kos Guest

    Thanks for your reply. I have looked for a resistor like this but cannot
    find one. I am thinking that simply installing a standard axial lead 1/4
    watt resistor might be an acceptable substitute?
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