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Compatable power

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Nikki, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. Nikki

    Nikki Guest

    Good morning Guys
    My daughter would like to bid on a curling Iron in the United Kingdom.
    Im in Canada is there going to be a problem plugging it in,
    Thanks Guys
  2. Lord Garth

    Lord Garth Guest

    Yes, there will be a problem but there are adapters and converters
    Determine the current demanded at 220 volts and see if you can find a

    That must be some special iron, perhaps they make an export model?
  3. Nikki

    Nikki Guest

    Thanks Ill pass that along to her that she will have an added cost (the
  4. Guest

    It's not only the voltage that's different, it's the frequency too...
    I'm assuming Canada is the same as the USA with 115V 60Hz mains?

    (Of course, you could always buy the gas/battery powered ones) ;-)
  5. Lord Garth

    Lord Garth Guest

    The frequency difference won't much of a problem for a heating element.
  6. Don Kelly

    Don Kelly Guest

    Don Kelly

    remove the urine to answer
    See if it is a dual voltage device. some are. In that case- fine. Otherwise,
    don't bother as the added cost and inconvenience of lugging a 600 to 1200
    watt 240/120V transformer around more than makes up for the savings. Curling
    irons at Canadian Tire are cheap.
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