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comparing CS and Cascode frequency response

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Matteo, May 2, 2007.

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  1. Matteo

    Matteo Guest

    Rodger Rosenbaum ha scritto:
    gosh ..the right expression is:

    f = ( 2*PI*(Rs*Cgs1 + Cgd1*2*Rs + Rd*(Cgd2+Cdb2+Cl) + 1/gm2*(Cdb1+Cgs2) )-1

    and with the values f = 2.08EE+08 Hz.. very similar to the CS's one

    you sad that you got a corner frequency of 315 MHz for the CS
    amplifier, and a corner frequency of 984 MHz for the cascode.

    did you get these values using the simulator? they are really very
    different from the values obtained from manual calculations...
  2. Yes, especially the cascode.

    If you'll email me at r_o_d_g_e_r_r_o_s AT (take out the underlines in
    the name), I'll send you the results of the simulations.
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