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Compaq Trinitron monitor

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Robert Murphy, Mar 18, 2005.

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  1. Hi

    I have a Compaq P110 that was acquired very cheaply. It is in very good
    order - the tube has a good brightness/contrast range, no colour blotches or
    moires etc, so for an old monitor I guess it's been refurbished at some

    However, intermittently the whole display will 'jump' a millimeter or so. It
    happens very quickly, at random and doesn't seem to lose sync, the display
    just jumps and returns, enough to be annoying.

    The OSD does the same thing with no signal applied so I don't think it's
    related to the signal I'm feeding it (normal video card through the D15, I
    haven't tried the BNC connectors).

    I bought it in the hope that since the tube seems fine, the jumping problem
    would be relatively inexpensive to fix. It is a nice monitor - the specs are
    good and if I can get it working satisfactorily it may be a real bargain.

    Any ideas on this? I won't end up fixing it myself, but would like to have a
    clue when talking to the serviceman.

  2. Wayne

    Wayne Guest

    Believe this is a Sony N3 chassis; common failure is IC007 CXA2043Q is
    a common failure - results in many deflection-related faults.


    From the Anatech site...

    QUESTION NO. P731-7: Compaq P110 model 630 monitor. I replaced the
    cxa2043q on a P110 but now when I press the ON-SCREEN display button,
    the display symbol appears on the left down corner but that is all.

    If that was the SMD IC at location 007, then Sony DAS (digital
    alignment) will need to be run. If you do not have that software and
    apparatus, find a shop with this equipment, and software for the Sony
    GDM500 model.

    QUESTION NO. P57-2: Compaq P110 model 630 monitor, the lower half
    stretches and bounces and eventually puts the monitor into standby.
    Also, is there a Sony crossmatch?

    I believe this is a Sony N3 chassis, similar to the Sony GDM-500PS.
    Check out the CXA2043Q IC.
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