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Compaq Presario 1230 Laptop Accessing BIOS Setup

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Geoffrey S. Mendelson, Mar 31, 2011.

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  1. Guest


    I service TVs, etc. Once in a while, I service my own computers, one of
    which is a Compaq Presario 1230 laptop with Windows 98se I bought second hand
    a few years ago. You may consider this obsolete, but to me, it is very

    Recently, during power up, I saw "Error, O2BO: Diskette drive A error".
    I removed the floppy drive, but I got the same error, which could be
    it's controller?

    I inserted a bootable CD rom hoping that the boot sequence might start at
    the CD rom, but it didn't. It must be A: drive first. Note: The HDD is fine
    because I removed it and checked it on anther PC.

    If I can change the boot sequence, I can do without the floppy drive,
    but to get into the settings by pressing F10, I have to enter a password.
    I don't have the phone number of the person I bought it from who lives
    out of town.

    I removed the RTC/CMOS battery (soldered in) and waited 24 hours
    hoping that it may "clear" the password requirement, but it did not.
    Maybe I should wait longer?

    Pressing F10 presents a screen that says, "Phoenix BIOS Setup Utility"
    followed by a prompt for a password. I tried some by guessing, but it
    didn't work. I hope the password isn't stored in the BIOS.

    Do you know a technique to bypass the password requirement so
    I can change the boot sequence?

    Thank You in Advance, John

    PS, Remove "ine" from my email address
  2. Dav.p.

    Dav.p. Guest

    a few years ago. You may consider this obsolete, but to me, it is very
    I don't...

    Hi, i'm from Italy, once in a while i put my nose in the US repair ng, but it seems incredibly
    DEAD!! Why??? It's the wrong one? There are many? It's my provider? bah..
    U have 2 ways to fix the problem, crack the passw or fix the floppy problem, but since
    u maybe will have to access the bios in the future it's not bad starting to crack it..
    i know the pass is stored in many laptops in a chip that if i remeber what i have read is
    common to many producers, so if u want, start to find the chip name or dismount the laptop
    to see, if u find that the chip is the same as the Ibm thinkpad T2x (T20 etc..) series u can
    find in internet a little project to crack it, with a very little homemade hardware and a little
    software to read it's eprom and decode it to pull the passw. Bye
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