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compaq laptop 12XL125 does not turn on

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by John Hudak, Apr 6, 2007.

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  1. John Hudak

    John Hudak Guest

    This is a 6 yo laptop that was working fine. I replaced the
    glidepad/button panel and now it won't turn on. Very strange because
    replacement of the glidepad/button panel entailed removing and then
    reinserting the thin mylar circuit strip into the new panel. I have
    done lots of similar replacements to this type and similar types of
    laptops with no problem. Any hints as to what the problem may be or
    things to try to resolve the problem?

    Things I have tried include:
    - replacing the old glidepad/button panel
    - removed battery, dvd drive, pressed on/off button for about 10
    seconds, then re-assembled
    - Tried running only with PS (battery removed)
    - tried running only with battery (PS disconnected)
    - tried running with both PS and battery
    - reseated all connectors

    The on/off switch has never showed any signs of flakey operation in the
    Thanks for any suggestions!
    BTW, anybody know the settings are on the slideswitches on the MB? (no,
    I didnt touch them...just curious)
  2. Guest

    Dude man you are just doing it backwards.
    that version of the laptop has to be connected very nice when you
    changed it. remove and connect again.
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