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Compaq FS7600 monitor - No picture

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Indu Prakash, Oct 8, 2005.

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  1. Indu Prakash

    Indu Prakash Guest

    I have this year old or so monitor and there is absolutely no picture. On
    connecting the monitor to computer and turning it on .. the status LED
    changes from green to yellow. I tried to measure the 5V, 6.3V and 12V power
    nodes to the heating element area and none of them seemed to have any
    voltage. I also tried looking for any bad capacitors or bad solders but
    couldn't find any. Any suggestions ?

  2. Guest

    I assume this is a CRT monitor, since you mention heater voltages. It
    sounds like the power supply is shuting down because of an over-current
    situation. I would check for a short circuit in the secondary of the
    power supply (diodes). Also check the horizontal output transistor and
    all large diodes and transistors on the main board, especially in the
    flyback transformer area.
    Hope this helps...
  3. buran

    buran Guest

    Make the "lamp" test, remove the HOT, then take two 60W lamps in series
    and connect one wire to collector pad and the other to the emitter pad,
    if the two lamps power on and the tension is correct, then it's a
    problem on the horizontal deflection.

  4. Indu Prakash

    Indu Prakash Guest

    I think I made a mistake in my previous test .. the voltages do show up on
    5V, 6.3V and 12V points although the voltages were a bit less that each
    specified value. One thing though the heater filament doesn't lok incadscent
    at all .. I mean isn't it supposed to glow a bit.

  5. Indu Prakash

    Indu Prakash Guest

    Okay I found a bad solder near the flyback transformer .. and now I hear a
    continuous click-click sound around a different transformer named "HIPOT" !!
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