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Compaq Armada 1520DM Laptop CD Rom Drive Problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Brad, Feb 24, 2006.

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  1. Brad

    Brad Guest


    I bought a new Compaq Armada 1520DM laptop around 1997. A few years
    ago, it started to have difficultly reading a CD rom, or playing an audio CD.
    However, once the CD was "accessed", there was no problem "reading" or
    "playing" (audio) the CD. Note: I have not used the CD drive very often.

    The problem relates to inserting the CD, and getting the initial
    information, which I assume is on the outer most track. Sometimes, I have to
    insert the CD several times (and wait) before the CD is finally "accessible"
    (I hear the "spin up" sound, I know from now on, the CD is accessible).
    Other times, it isn't accessible (doesn't "spin up" to full speed).

    I had removed the CD rom drive (note: I am a TV service tech) and checked
    the head movement freedom to the outer edge and I found no "interference"
    or no physical reason the head can't "reach" that position.

    Any information about what might cause this problem will be greatly

    Thanks in advance, Brad

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  2. Dave D

    Dave D Guest

    CDs are read starting from the centre, and the table of contents (TOC) is
    near the centre.

    Have you tried cleaning the lens? It has to be done properly or damage can
    occur, or at least the cleaning will be ineffective. A dirty lens should
    always be suspected first when there's read difficulties.

    It could be that the motor bearings have gummed up over the years due to
    lack of use. With CDRoms, especially laptop CDRoms, it is often very
    difficult or even impossible to lubricate the motor bearings. The symptoms
    would be like you have- sluggish to read the disc's at first but better once
    full power is applied to the motor to spin it up to full speed.


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