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Color TV issue

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by radiosrfun, Oct 9, 2007.

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  1. radiosrfun

    radiosrfun Guest

    I have a 19" Admiral Colored TV which is probably 15 years old or so -
    played flawlessly until now.

    Just in the past couple days - the screen started jumping. The symptoms are:
    1. Non existent sometimes
    2. Intermittent at times
    3. Really nasty at others.

    I've not done "TV" repairs for many years - like very early 90s (regularly)
    then one here and there over the years - so I'm a bit out of the "TV" loop.
    I've devoted my bench time and equipment to other fields, I'm a bit out of
    the loop on TV issues. Personally, I'm thinking the faults are in the
    priority as shown.

    1. Cold solder joint
    2. A cap/resistor going bad
    3. Semiconductor going flakey

    I have to look and see if I have any spray to use to check for "heat"issues.
    Haven't had much call for it in recent years.

    The TV will play fine for a while - then jump like a bad antenna connection.
    OR it will display a solid while horizontal line with the picture "trying"
    to lock in - video flitters about above and below the white line. Turn the
    set off - then back on - it is fine for a second - then back to white line
    and flittering. "Sometimes" but not always - it "seems" to respond to
    pounding on the set - but that could be misleading.

    I fell asleep "listening" to it last night - woke up this AM - it was
    playing like nothing wrong. Has been all day - so far.

    I don't have the model number available at this second, but can get it -
    hopefully someone has a schematic.

    I'm going to be taking it apart in the next day or two - to take a look at
    it. Have a couple more important issues pending right now.

    Any opinions?

    Yeah, I know all about the HDTV issues, I just want to keep this one alive a
    while longer. Besides, I've seen some TVs bought new (recently) - not
    lasting a year. I'll use this until it dies. Maybe if this would be kind
    enough to continue a while longer, get a converter box "supposedly" coming
    out for the HDTV to Analog - sets There's not a thing wrong with this set
    when it is displaying the picture normally. FWIW - this set "is" used -
    heavily. Best sleeping pill I ever had. Aside from watching it through the
    day - or "listening" to it as doing other work - games and so on, there is
    the falling asleep to it. So, it gets lots of use.

    Thanks in advance for your opinions.

  2. Meat Plow

    Meat Plow Guest

    I wouldn't rule out any of these as a possibility.
  3. b

    b Guest

    how many times did you use the word 'issues' in that post ?! ;-) in
    cases like that we'd say 'problems' in England!

    start by resoldering: the vertical /frame chip, line out transformer
    area, the tuner pins, large resistors etc . your problem is quite
    common with a set that age and hours' use. should be fixable (assuming
    you can solder and are aware of the dangers of this work) so don't
    give up! good luck.

  4. radiosrfun

    radiosrfun Guest

    Issues - problems = same thing.

    Solder? If you had read my post - you would have seen I said I "used" to do
    TV repairs - but do other fields of Electronics work - now. Yeah, I think I
    can solder! :) At least I don't use "plumbers" solder like I've seen come
    across my bench in some sets I service!

    Thanks for the assist.
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