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Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by MS.EARamsey, May 3, 2007.

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  1. MS.EARamsey

    MS.EARamsey Guest

    Hello guys and gals,

    It looks like that I will be accepted into the University of Illinois at
    Chicago, UIC, school of Engineering. The area of Engineering that I will be
    studying is Electrical Engineering. The head of the Engineering department
    at UIC explained that it would be a good idea if I enrolled as a nonstudent
    to makeup the required undergraduate EE courses after which I will be
    admitted into graduate studies; she thinks this is my best option since I am
    seeking to obtain a MSEE. However, I am concerned with the fact that I have
    been out of school for such a long period, 20 years. So, I would like to
    review some basic subject areas, such as math and physics. Could any of you
    please recommend any good math review books?

    I plan to start off with trig/algrebra, geometry, and intro to statistics
    working my way up to the more sophisticated maths such as calculus,
    differential quations etc... -- I would like to take trig/algebra, geometry
    and intro to statistics at the same time, first semester, because, I think,
    these subjects are not directly linked to each other. After completing basic
    calculus, which usually includes I/II/III, I plan to start studying physics,
    since Sir Isaac Newton developed it for solving problems in it. Also, I
    figured that this would be a good idea, being that velocity is dx/dt and
    acceleration is dv/dt and that is calculus, that the physics book might use
    calculus to express a lot of the basic concepts.

    I went to and found the following books. I would appreciate it,
    if anyone has the time, if someone could visit these links to check them
    out; they have a "Look-Inside" option that allows you to look at table of
    contents and also some customer reviews.

    Engineering Mathematics (Paperback)
    by J. O. Bird (Author)

    Mathematics for Electrical Engineering and Computing (Paperback)
    by Mary Attenborough (Author)

    Basic Engineering Mathematics, Third Edition (Paperback)
    by John Bird (Author)

    If anyone know of any other books or WWW resources of interest i'd be most
    appreciative too! Also, I would be thankful to anyone that could refer any
    good physics books or WWW resources, although, I will not review them until
    I finish the math review; the last time that I was in college I didn't take
    any physics courses and did not take any in high school either.

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