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Cold soldering

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by Echo, May 22, 2005.

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  1. Echo

    Echo Guest

    So are these "cold soldering irons" the perfect tool for cold solder joints.

    Really though has anyone experienced one of these soldering tools. Do they
    work well, or just a gimmick ?
  2. CWatters

    CWatters Guest


    Well Because apparently you all like this kind of stuff now so I wanted to
    steer you all clear of the cold heat soldering Iron. I bought mine to
    desolder and resolder blown motherboard capacitors. I liked the cordless
    Idea of it and I wanted something to stick in the tool bag when I go onsite.
    As you never know when the problem is just a loose wire to a PCB. Man was I
    mistaken the tip is a form of fragile carbon...Nay more fragle then carbon
    as pencils dont break this easy. So im testing it out on a Mobo with some
    blown caps (see other article) it took me 10 minutes to heat the solder
    joints up enough to remove the first cap usually that is 1-2 seconds. I
    guess the motherboard was wicking away the heat too fast fot the soder to
    melt. So I have since relegated that I wasted 20 bucks ( sure wasent the
    first time ) and that this thing is not for my porpose ( but atleast it is
    easy to reshape the tip as it just needs a fine grit sandpaper or a needle
    file ( I didnt want to pay 15 for another tip so I just filed out the chip I
    put in the current one. But it is decent for soldering small gauge wire
    together just dont expect to solder anything larger then 18AWG it just wont
    do it.
  3. Barry Jones

    Barry Jones Guest

    I had the same experience. The physics of it is interesting, but it's
    not very useful.
  4. Echo

    Echo Guest

    So I guess nothing beats a Portasol. For field work they are an amazing tool
    but rather large. Still it handles large and small stuff with ease and come
    with heat shrink tubing tool to boot. Just be careful which way you set it
    down or you'll burn a spot on the desk.
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