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Cold cathode lights.

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by SAH, Feb 27, 2004.

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  1. SAH

    SAH Guest

    Anybody know if the cold cathode tubes you can get for PC case mods would
    survive in a car running off the 12 - 14 volts ? They come with a 4 pin
    molex, using only 2 wires.
  2. Are the CCFLs 12V or 5V ? If they're 12V then you can just hook them up
    quite safely. 5V then you will need a voltage regulator of some

    I know... you got some old clapped Ford Escort, and you want to light it
    up underneath in blue, sort of goes with the *1000Watt* stereo, and
    18inch bass-bin in the boot. :)
  3. Wade Hassler

    Wade Hassler Guest

    The POWER SUPPLIES for cold-cathode tubes run on 12 volts from the PC.
    Seems like they should do OK on a vehicle battery.
  4. SAH

    SAH Guest

    I hear you but no. I have a 2002 Civic Sedan and I want to install a blue or
    red cold cathode light over the driver and passengers floor mat area (under
    the lower dash) to slightly light it up so I can see at night without
    destroying my night vision.

    They are 12v, FYI.
  5. OK.. It's just around here some of the young 'uns have taken to fitting
    blue neon lights underneath their 'souped-up' 15-20 year old, Ford Escort
    XR3's, Ford Fiesta XR2's, Vauxhall Nova SR's, Mini Metros, and Renault 5
    Turbos. You can here them coming a mile off
    They'll be OK then.
  6. SAH

    SAH Guest

    I'm just curious how resistant/tolerant they will be to fluctuations in the
    supply, ie..12Vdc to 14.4Vdc that they will probably see from the Civic
    electrical system.
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