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Coill winding / AC motor construction - book recommendation ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by N Cook, Feb 19, 2005.

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  1. N Cook

    N Cook Guest

    I went to main city library and only 8 books on electrical anything
    and nothing on coil winding or motors.
    Any recommendations on practical teechnique ?

    electronic hints and repair briefs , schematics/manuals list on
  2. NSM

    NSM Guest

    Find a bigger city.

    'Audels' has it's faults but will get you started.

  3. Motor coil rewinding is not recommended for a one-of repair! If you are
    really serious, please know that you will make a substantial investment in
    tools, materials and personal knowledge.

    Yes, I have rewound stator coils and will never do it again! I have never
    done a wound armature and know enough to avoid even thinking about it.
  4. N Cook

    N Cook Guest

    Would this be the book ?

    Audel Small Electric Motors: Use, Selection, Repair, and Maintenance, 2nd
    Rex Miller, Mark Richard Miller
    ISBN: 0-02-584975-1
    436 pages
    April 1993
    PART ONE-Introduction.

    1. Motor Repair Tools.

    Screwdrivers · Pliers · Hammers · Hacksaws · Wrenches · Other Tools · Meters
    and Test Devices.

    2. Motor Repair Supplies.

    Setscrews · Carbon Brushes · Bushings and Bearings · Shaft Adapters · Rubber
    Mounts · Fiber Washers · Rubber Grommets · Replacement Switches ·
    Electrolytic Capacitors · Insulating Enamel · Cord · Motor Wiring for

    PART TWO-Fractional-Horsepower Motors (Basic Types).

    3. Small DC and Universal Motors.

    Shunt DC Motors · Compound Motors · Permanent-Magnet Motors · Series or
    Universal Motors · The Hand Drill · Portable Saws · Repairing a Series
    (Universal) Motor · Miscellaneous Information.

    4. Split-Phase Motors.

    Starting a Single-Phase Motor · Starting a Split-Phase Motor ·
    Characteristics of the Split-Phase Motor · Dual Frequency Operation · Motor
    Noise and Vibration.

    5. Capacitor-Start Motors.

    Starting a Capacitor-Start Motor · The Electrolytic Capacitor ·
    Characteristics of the Electrolytic Capacitor · Characteristics of Capacitor
    Motors · Reversing the Motor · Dual-Frequency Operation · Mechanical and
    Electrical Noises.

    6. Shaded-Pole Motors.

    Starting the Shaded-Pole Motor · Types of Shaded-Pole Motors · Construction
    of Shaded-Pole Motors · Performance of Shaded-Pole Motors · Applications of
    Shaded-Pole Motors.

    7. Three-Phase Motors.

    Uses of Three-Phase Motors · How Three-Phase Motors Work · Torque · Motor
    Ventilation · Motor Losses · Reversibility · Applications of Three-Phase

    8. Special Types of Motors.

    Understanding the Nameplate · Troubles · Bearings · Three-Speed Motors ·
    Instant-Reversing Motors · Severe-Duty Motors · Farm-Duty Motors · High-Slip
    Motors · Explosion-Proof Motors · Metric Motor Ratings.

    PART THREE-Maintenance and Repair.

    9. General Maintenance.

    General Troubleshooting Procedures · Maintenance of the Split-Phase Motor ·
    Maintenance of Capacitor Motors · Electrolytic Capacitors · The Permanent
    Split-Capacitor Motor · Maintenance of the Three-Phase Motor · Maintenance
    of Brush-Type Motors.

    10. Commutators and Brushes.

    The Armature · Magnet-Wire Characteristics · Commutator Maintenance ·

    11. Shafts and Bearings.

    Motor Shafts · Selection of Bearings · Ball Bearings · Bearing Failure ·
    Motor Problems Caused by Bearing Wear or Damage.

    12. Switches and Relays.

    Overload Protection · Internal (Line Break) Motor Protector · Relays for
    Motor Control · Maintenance and Repair of Relays · Electronic Speed Control.

    13. Armatures-Stripping and Rewinding.

    Checking the Armature · Commutator Removal · Tests on the Commutator ·
    Difficult Windings · Replacing the Commutator · Hand Winding, Coil Forming,
    and Slot Wedging · Loop Method of Winding · Armature Banding · Testing the
    Armature · Automated Armature Winding.

    14. Stators-Stripping and Rewinding.

    Stripping a Winding · Rewinding a Stator · Mold and Hand Winding · Automatic
    Coil Winding.

    PART FOUR-Modifications of Motors.

    15. Modifying Motors.

    Motor Modifications for Shafts · Speed Controls · Modifying AC Motors for
    Speed Control · AC Motor Speed-Control Methods · Reversing Direction of

    PART FIVE-Motor Selection and Replacement.

    16. Motor Selection and Replacement.

    Selection of Motor Type · Motor Mounting · Part-Winding Starting ·
    Enclosures and Special Winding Treatment · Guide to Selecting the Right
    Motor · Installation · Location and Motor Enclosures · Maintenance.

    PART SIX-Electronically-Operated Motors.

    17. Steppers and Synchronous Motors.

    Shaded-Pole Unidirectional Synchronous Motors · Capacitor Start and Run
    Bidirectional Synchronous Motor · Single-Phase Stepper Motor (Unipolar
    Drive) · Single-Phase Stepper Motor (Bipolar Drive) · Two-Phase Stepper
    Motor (Unipolar Drive) · Four-Phase Stepper Motor (Unipolar Drive) ·
    Open-Frame Synchronous and Stepper Motors · Reversible Step Servo Motor ·
    High-Torque Reversible AC Motor · 3-Wire Stepper Motor (Open Frame).

    18. Motion Control.

    Disc Magnet Stepper Terminology · Disc Magnet Steppers · Disc Magnet
    Two-Phase Stepper Motor · PM Two- and Four-Phase Stepper Motors · Two- and
    Four-Phase Linear Stepper Motors · Brushless DC Motors · Ironless Rotor DC

    PART SEVEN-Motor Terminology.

    19. Motor Terminology.
  5. NSM

    NSM Guest

  6. N Cook

    N Cook Guest

    I've ordered one today
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