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Coil wrapping ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by mowhoong, Sep 6, 2007.

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  1. mowhoong

    mowhoong Guest

    I had seen a coil wrapped in twin wire. If I design a coil with 1000
    T, I use two wire together,
    so it mean that I only wrapp 500 T, hence it save my time and
    work.Dear members do you have any comment ? Thanks
  2. Tim Wescott

    Tim Wescott Guest

    Normally this is done either to make a transmission line transformer* or
    to make a sort of high current capacity litz wire**. Doing what you're
    suggesting would result in excess inter-coil capacity which would almost
    certainly be a Bad Thing in all but very specialized transformers.

    * Do a web search, and consider that a couple of dozen turns on such a
    transformer would be a lot.

    ** "Litzendraght" or something like that -- do a web search.


    Tim Wescott
    Wescott Design Services

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  3. default

    default Guest

    Frequently it is harder to bifilar wind and keep it neat than wind
    single strands.

    You could wind bifilar then connect the start of one winding to the
    finish of the other and save time - but it doesn't save a lot of time
    and there could be other considerations like capacitance between turns
    or layers.

    Build a jig or motorized winder and you will almost always save time.
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