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Coil Gun

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by maxfoo, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. maxfoo

    maxfoo Guest

  2. Seems an odd way to have the coil for an electromagnet, I used the innards
    of a Ford starter solenoid. I used an 400V 820uF cap charged to about 300V.
    I used a PIC (of course ;-) to generate the PWM signal and measure the cap
    charge thru a resistive divider. For the switching transistor, I used an
    IGBT. An SCR dumped the charge into the solenoid. On a good launch, it
    would throw a computer case screw across the room.
  3. The 'fun' bit comes, when you have multiple coils, and capacitors, and add
    opto-detection of the projectile, to fire the next coil. Once the speed
    gets up to a few hundred m/sec, the timings begin to get quite critical.
    Large flash-gun capacitors work quite well.

    Best Wishes
  4. Or use a slingshot, like the Tijuana police:

  5. The reason I can see for using ferrite cores this way would be to
    protect the mosfet, as they moderate the current a bit. Apart from the
    fact that a simple solenoid wouldn't look that impressive!
  6. I'm referring to direction of the wrapping with the core being parallel to
    the windings instead of perpendicular. AFAIR, I have never seen an
    electromagnet constructed this way.
  7. They are not exactly parallel. So there will be an effect, but not better
    than a single turn the usual way, except from the moderation.
  8. ian field

    ian field Guest

  9. maxfoo

    maxfoo Guest

    Here's a guy shooting 30 caliber projectiles with his coil gun.

    Interesting 16 Stage Optically Triggered Prototype with opto-sensors.
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