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CNC Plotter

Discussion in 'Project Construction Technologies' started by Giorgos, May 11, 2015.

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  1. Giorgos


    Apr 6, 2015
    Take a look on my new project.
    It is a CNC Plotter with parts from old CD drives.

    Hope you like it
  2. HellasTechn


    Apr 14, 2013
    Γειά σου πατριώτη !

    We have to speak english here so english it is.

    WOuld you care to tell us in more detail about the project ?
  3. Giorgos


    Apr 6, 2015
    Γειά σου πατριδα! Από ποιό μέρος του πλανήτη μου γράφεις;

    As you said, we have to speak in english so other can undertstand us! I'm about to write down an article about this project, but i can give some details by the way.

    This is a CNC Plotter, so that means that it can draw a picture which i "draw" using '0' and '1'. Let me explain that.. The code reads an array, where i placed the image. So, the procedure of reading is scanning the array, bit by bit, and when the bit is 1 the pen is down, otherwise whean the bit is 0, the pen is up. For every bit (even 0 or 1) the motor go 5 steps forward.

    About the hardware.. The motors as i said in the first post, are coming from used CD drives. As we know two types of motors are in this part: DC motors or stepper motors. I used the one with the stepper motors. Theese motors are bipolar, give 4 wires output.
    To drive the motors i tried mosfet in the first try and l293d ic in the second one. Both are working perfectly, but have in mind that l293d have more heat at 12v.

    The up/down of the pen is coming from a device i developed. Pen is up when a micro servo go up and pen is down when this servo is moving down.. o_O

    The whole construction is coming from an old IKEA rack!

    Hope you like it!
    (and sorry if my english are not in a good condition :p)
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