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cmos image sensor interface

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Simone Winkler, Sep 28, 2003.

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  1. Hello!

    I'm designing a kind of digital camera - and i use a omnivision 8610 cmos
    image sensor for it. The surrounding hardware is an FPGA, a microcontroller
    and other components used for the camera.

    What i don't know is how to interface the camera. In the OV8610 datasheet i
    cannot really find sufficient information about the digital video formats
    and so on.
    I read at, that due to the clocking of the datastream that
    comes out of the camera a large amount of cpu resources is needed and no
    method to detect errors is possible - so one possibility is to use a FPGA
    and put the data directly to the RAM - which can further be memory mapped.

    But how can i perform this?
    Which clock does the camera need, what is HREF, FODD, VSYNC, PWDN_C?
    Do I get byte for byte of the Y and UV values and then i have to assemble at
    myself in the right "order"?


  2. Ian Stirling

    Ian Stirling Guest

    I have not read the datasheet.
    You probably get raw information from the sensor, with red, green and
    blue filters over the pixels.
    You have to make a colour image from this.
  3. Wim Ton

    Wim Ton Guest

    Which clock does the camera need, what is HREF, FODD, VSYNC, PWDN_C?
    My guess is that:
    FODD is Odd Frame, in case of interlaced video
    VSYNC is vertical sync
    PWDN_C power down control (these sensors are often hungry)
    HREF maybe horizontal sync ( see if you get a 15-20 kHZ signal there)

    I have detalied datasheets of the ST sensors(VV5xxx) and they use parallel
    output of filtered pixels like this:
    Google for Bayer Colourisatio Pattern

    they use a 16 or 24 MHz clock (depending on the format like VGA, QVGA or

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