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Closed caption text turn off WITHOUT the remote

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Jacques Carrier, Jan 6, 2004.

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  1. Hi fellow techs,

    Is it possible to turn off the closed caption (text mode) from a JVC color TV
    model C-13WL5 made in 1994.The remote control has been lost and I am tired of
    borrowing my friend's remote.The original remote costs $70.
    The IC that seems to control the closed caption display is the following:
    MN1873237JKH6 (64 pins).Can I turn ON/OFF the closed caption at the IC level ??
    I contacted JVC three times ....but no reply.

    Many thanks to all and best wishes for 2004.

  2. Tim Marcus

    Tim Marcus Guest

    I do not recommend this, but I got rid of the on screen display on an
    older emerson tv by shorting one of the pins of the IC to ground.
    However, there was no longer any display ever, even when changing
    channels. when you can't find the remote, extreme measures must be
    taken. good luck- Tim
  3. You need the origional remote. The function you want, along with many
    others is controled internaly by software. The remote is sending a
    data stream via the remote IR receiver in the set to the uPC. The uPC
    issues a software to do the action. I don't know the particulars of
    your set's design, but the function may be external to the uPC in
    another chip, or it may be all internal. The commands are all
    software, and in most models are not externaly addressable.

    You should invest in the origional remote if you are using the set.
    Or, borrow a remote to turn it off, and then leave it off.

    Jerry G.
  4. Deke

    Deke Guest

    Buy a learning remote, borrow the friends remote one last time, program the
    learning remote.
    Be sure and write down what key does what, dont trust your memory. Done.

  5. David

    David Guest

    Or get the software for your Palm Pilot to learn the remote control for you
    JVC after borrowing the remote one last time.

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