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Clone Hakko desoldering gun? (CSI88 vs Hakko 808)

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by awol [AT] i-hacked [D\(\)T] com, Aug 11, 2005.

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  1. I've heard good things about the $35 CSI generic soldering stations that
    look (and apparently work) like Hakko 936 units. Commonly available from and

    I've been looking for a good, cheap desoldering unit. The Hakko 808 is out
    of my price range, but the CSI88 looks strikingly similar, and is only $80!

    Compare to:

    Has anyone used one? Same tips and filters as Hakko 808? Similar
    performance? For those who have one, would you buy it again?

    awol [AT] i-hacked [D()T] com
  2. DWGoett

    DWGoett Guest

    they look like the identical same product except for the big transformer on
    the cheaper model.

    i would guess they have the same functionality, but would also like to hear
    from someone who has one.

  3. I contacted Circuit Specialists today. They have "never heard of" Hakko, so
    are unable to provide any information about similarities/differences to a
    Hakko 808.

    This company probably makes all these Hakko knockoffs we see around:

    I'm probably going to order one... it's only $80. I'll let the group know
    how it works out.


  4. Bob Stemmler

    Bob Stemmler Guest

    I bought this model from Circuit Specialist:

    It is not the same as the one you are looking at, the one I purchased
    was $119.00 and I have been very happy with the performance. From what
    I can tell, it seems to be a knock off of another Hakko model (freind
    up the street owns the Hakko) and seems to work every bit as well.

    Bob Stemmler
  5. Looks like I might have killed the goose laying the golden eggs....

    I emailed Circuit Specialists about the differences between their CSI88 and
    the Hakko 808, and they pulled it from the web site. After seeing the pics
    I provided, they realized their chinese supplier is cloning a popular model.
    It is too similar, and they don't want anyone to be confused.

    Hopefully, they will release another 808-type tool in a different case -
    $80 seems like a pretty good deal.

  6. dragster73

    dragster73 Guest

    All of Circuit Specialists soldering tool are like this and prices are MUCH
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