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Clock ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Sriram, Aug 29, 2003.

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  1. Sriram

    Sriram Guest

    What is a Clock ?.
    Why do we need a clock in a circuit ?.

    What is meant by "driving the circuit" ?.

    Do we need a clock only to get an interrupt ?.


  2. Dana Raymond

    Dana Raymond Guest

    What is a Clock ?.
    A Clock is used in a digital circuit to coordinate different parts to
    operate in a synchronized manner, almost like a mentronome sets the timing
    of a piece of music. The metronome 'ticks' at regular intervals, and each
    note or notes need to start at the tick and to be done before the end of the
    tick. This prevents the notes from running into each other.

    Likewise, each part of a circuit must start working when the clock signal
    rises (or sometimes when it falls) and must finish its job before the next
    clock 'tick'. Since digital circuitry usually has one part feeding into the
    next one, the clock is connected to both parts and ensures that the second
    one waits for the first to finish before doing its job.

    The digital circuitry is very much like an assembly line, and the clock
    keeps every part working in time. If you increase the rate of the metronome
    the music plays faster. Likewise, increasing the clock frequency increases
    the speed of the circuit - however each part must be able to complete its
    job in the time allotted or mayhem will ensue.
    That usually means that one circuit of some sort is connected to the next
    one, its OUTPUT driving the next one's INPUT.
    Thw two are not related at all, except that anything that will accept an
    interrupt and do something with it usually has a clock for it to work.

    Hope this helps.
    Dana Frank Raymond
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