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clear reading from a motherboard

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by computer, Dec 13, 2005.

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  1. computer

    computer Guest

    I do not understand why I could NOT get a clear reading from a regulator

    but the rest of the regulators have clear voltage reading in a IWILL

    I was sucspect the regulator was faulty and in fact it is not. the sound is
    causing the hanging of the xp system.

    the clear reading is 4.09 voltage. unclear reading, the voltage readings
    flow from nnn mV...etc and did not stop .

    do u have any ideas ?

  2. Bad electrolytics? A high ESR will make the regulator unstable.
  3. Dave D

    Dave D Guest

    If you're reading straight from one of the legs of the regulator then you
    will get an unstable reading- you're measuring a pulsed output from a
    switching regulator. Try measuring across its filter capacitors instead. The
    pulsed output from the regulator has to go through a toroidal choke and is
    then filtered by capacitors to create stable DC.

  4. computer

    computer Guest

    I have measuried across its filter capacitors still has funny
    reading the motherboard was replaced by a brand new sound and the hanging
    elminated and return to customer. It was testing and ran for 3 hour + with
    record and later the report was shown it to customers with cpuspy. Then I
    tested a dozen times. I am sure I get rid of the problem before I return to

    they feel great.
  5. ???
  6. Dave D

    Dave D Guest

    Then, as another poster suggested, it's likely the capacitors are failing.
    Have you tested across the capacitors with a scope?

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