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Clamp-on ammeters

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Marc, Nov 21, 2005.

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  1. Marc

    Marc Guest

    I'm looking to pick up a clamp-on ammeter/ multitester. Are these
    clamp-on ammeters AC or DC specific of do they read amps universal.
  2. GregS

    GregS Guest

    AC is the most common. DC is very uncommon.

  3. Matt Colie

    Matt Colie Guest


    Most DC clamp on current probes or meters will read either AC or DC.

    If it does not say DC, there is little chance that it does.

    You can get a very functional AC unit for less the 100$us.
    You better be ready to shell out 300$us for a DC/AC probe or unit.

    If you do not need accuracy, look up a KD tools 2423 They go in the
    10-20$us range and are better than a guess.

    Matt Colie
  4. Guest

    Be very wary. Many advertisments quote AC/DC Ammeter. Read on and its
    AC current via the clamp and AC and DC volts via the prods.


    Nb "Pound Eater" Parkend G+S
  5. I picked up a pretty nice one about 2 years ago at Sears. AC and
    DC current off the clamp, with all the usual stuff plus a temperature
    probe. Under $100 and it's extrememly useful. Goes through batteries
    like crazy, though.

    Glen "Wiley" Wilson <usenet1 SPAMNIX at world wide wiley dot com>
    To reply, lose the capitals and do the obvious.

    Take a look at cpRepeater, my NMEA data integrator, repeater, and
    logger at
  6. David&Joan

    David&Joan Guest


    AC and DC clamp on ammeters use entirely different electrical mechanisms. AC
    meters measure the current induced from the wire to the surrounding clamp on
    coil. DC meters use a physics principle called the Hall Effect. Some meters
    like mine use both.

    I have a AC/DC clamp on ammeter sold by Ancor (but probably made by Fluke).
    It measures AC and DC current in two ranges: 0-200 amps and 0-40 amps. The
    lower range is good for a tenth of an amp real world resolution.

    Since we mostly live in a DC world, this meter is the best troubleshooting
    device a boater can have. I paid about $200 for mine and couldn't live
    without it.

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