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Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by ee_design, Jul 15, 2006.

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  1. ee_design

    ee_design Guest

    I have a copy of Circuitmaker 2000 software which I use for board
    layout. The problem I have is that it won't always generate the drill
    file! I does the gerber layers ok but sometimes drill and tool files
    are empty. Fortunately, the layouts are simple and board house hasn't
    objected to adding this to job for me but it is very annoying that it
    doesn't work. FORGET any customer support. There isn't ANY. There
    wasn't much when I bought the package and now that Altium has taken
    over they don't even acknowledge it or even answer emails. Another $600
    down the crapper to software houses! Any help from someone that has
    experienced this or has a suggestion would be MUCH APPRECIATED.
  2. I was a beta tester on CMTM 2K and I can assure you that the original group
    that wrote it (Art Hatfield and his group at Microcode in Orem UT) had every
    intention of making it the best in the world at the lowest price. Protel
    got its hands on it by buying the company and flushing it down the toilet.

    There were two service packs for CMTM, unfortunately this was about the time
    Art and his merry band were erased from the picture, so they were both
    called "Service Pack 1". Not even a 1A on the second edition. If you
    haven't installed SP 1, do it right now. The version you are looking for is
    2,032,416 long and dated 11/29/00. I'll post it somewhere if you don't have
    this service pack.

  3. ee_design

    ee_design Guest

    Thanks! The product I have was sold to me by ACCEL on 7/3/01 sn 804197.
    I was never advised of any upgrades the few times I did try (without
    results) to get help from the seller. I like the way it works up to the
    point of making files for board house. I'd try anything at this point.
    Otherwise maybe EW in my future.
  4. I'll put service pack 1 up at in about ten
    minutes and keep it there until you answer in this ng that you got it or one
    day, whichever is shorter.


    The version you are looking for is
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