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Circuit Problem - Take 2

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by Wombat-Pipex-News, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. Hi guys.
    I've included a link to a small Circuit which im having trouble with.
    I made it thinking that I was dealing with a switched possative feed, but it
    turns out its actualy negative switched.
    The Idea was to make the LED stay lit until the switched possative line goes
    Trouble is with it being High all the time the LED stays off. The LED
    sometimes does not even come on when theits switched.
    Because the voltage on the other end does not drop enough.

    What would be needed to go between the cuircuits to get the original
    Fig 1. is how its supposed to work
    Fig 2. is the problem

    Any help welcome.


    Find more info at:
  2. When it is off.
    As the cars displays is made from LEDs its best to have them all lit at
    once, then when something is Not lit is not working.
    Just like if a bulb fails, its no longer lit !
  3. Hi John.
    Thats not realy what I wanted to do.
    I know I could make it all work fine from scratch, But I wanted somthing
    that would plug in between my existing boards.
    the ? in my diagram is where it would need to be.
    I dont think the above diagram would do that.

  4. Thanks John
    Ill give that a pop, and let you know if it works.
    Did you get the files I sent you via e-mail.?

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