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Circuit Info for Kodak Disposable Flash Cameras w/ LED Ready Light?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Ike, Jan 29, 2006.

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  1. Ike

    Ike Guest

    I have searched on Google for hours, but have not been able to find any
    updated circuit info on the newer Kodak displosable camera circuits
    that have an LED for the ready light instead of the neon tube.

    On my last camera harvest, the majority of the 100+ cameras I got were
    these Kodak units with the LED.

    Does anyone know of a page that describes these circuits?

    I have looked at all the pages that talk about the Kodak flash camera
    circuits, but they all refer to the neon versions.

    What I'm after is the voltage of the trigger switch that connects
    through the shutter mechanism. I want to determine the voltage that
    goes through this switch, but I'm worried about blowing out my DVM
    (600V/400ma max). Ultimately I want to control the flash circuit with
    a PIC microcontroller circuit.
  2. David Harmon

    David Harmon Guest

    On 29 Jan 2006 14:20:52 -0800 in sci.electronics.basics, "Ike"
    Why don't you trace it out, draw it up, and post it for the rest of
    us (on alt.binaries.schematics.electronics.)
    I doubt it is over 600V, probably around half that. What is the
    voltage rating printed on the big capacitor? It won't be greater
    than that.
  3. Ike

    Ike Guest

    Hi David...

    I'll be happy to do that if the information is not already out there.
    But I'll wait a few days to see if anyone responds with a URL.

    The capacitors are all 330v and 80uF.

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