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Circuit for Intercom/Speakers/Phone

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by Arg, Jul 24, 2003.

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  1. Arg

    Arg Guest

    Try again - this didn't seem to make it through........

    I want a intercom in my workshop which is at the end of the garden. Prior to
    building it, I pulled 4 x cables through a piece of blue water pipe and
    buried them underground.

    The cables are 2 x Cat 5, and 2 x "burglar alarm" cable.

    I think from memory that the burglar alarm wire consists of 4 x twisted
    pair - all solid. The cat 5 is 6 x wires, all stranded.

    Anyway, can anyone recommend a good wired intercom site? I had a look on the
    ether and although I can see lots of schematics, does anyone know of a good
    site which also includes a BOM from somewhere like Maplin/Farnell/RS? This
    would speedme up, but I would welcome pointers to any good sites.

    I would also like to have speakers driven from the house end, not very loud
    so not much current, should I go with the stranded or with the solid core or
    give up with that idea? Same question for a phone extension - stranded or


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