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circuit diagram question

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Chuck Young, Oct 25, 2003.

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  1. Chuck Young

    Chuck Young Guest

    I bought a surplus 0.7 amp motor without paying attention to the wiring
    diagram printed on it.

    It has:

    Red ---------Line
    Black - - - - Line
    Blue ---------Line

    I'm not sure what the dotted line from black to line voltage is, and have no
    clue what component a )| is. Any help? Thanks!
  2. I think this may be a reversible motor. You connect the cap between
    black and red and connect blue to one side of the line. To get it to
    go one way, also connect red to the other side of the line. To make
    it go the other way, instead of connecting red to the line, connect
    black to the line.

    When red is connected to the line, the winding from red to blue is
    directly fed, and the winding between black and blue is fed through
    the cap.

    When black is connected to the line, the winding between black and
    blue is directly fed, and the winding between red and blue is fed
    through the cap.

    If I am right, you should read similar resistances between red and
    blue as between black and blue, and twice this resistance between
    black and red (the two windings in series).
  3. capacitor
  4. Paul Blitz

    Paul Blitz Guest

    Sounds to me like it COULD be a 3-phase motor.... (except that is normally
    red / blue / yellow)

    The "Black---)|---Red" says to me that you need to connect the external
    starting capacitor between Black & Red

  5. Don Kelly

    Don Kelly Guest

    If 3 phase, no start capacitor is needed. I think you are right as to the
    start capacitor connection -the blue -line is a bit of a puzzle -possibly
    from start winding to the line connected to red. However, it is an easy job
    to check continuity between terminals and sort out what is connected to what
    in the motor.
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