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circuit board programs

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by kell, Feb 11, 2006.

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  1. kell

    kell Guest

    My first time doing a printed circuit board. I've gotta send out a
    printed circuit to be fabbed that actually has a small 1" x 2" circuit
    repeated many times on one large board, which I will then score or have
    rows of holes along which to break it into its constituent copies.
    I went to because it looked user-friendly. Drew a
    circuit and went to copy it to another area on the grid. But you can't
    position a copy; the program just plunks it down arbitrarily in the
    middle of the screen. So I think I need to use a different program.
    Does anyone have knowledge of a program (pc fabbing houses will accept)
    that allows one to draw a circuit in a small area, then copy/repeat it
    many times to fill a large board.
  2. Bob Eldred

    Bob Eldred Guest

    Expresspcb will do what you want. Yes it plunks the copy down in the middle
    of the screen but you simply select the copy with the arrow tool by throwing
    a box around it then move it to where you want. Press ctrl-V and another
    copy appears in the center of the screen. Repeat the process as many times
    as you like. If you don't want the copy to appear in the center of your
    work, scroll off to the side so the center of the screen is not on your
  3. Look for "panelize" as a key word. Note that some fabs will panelize for
    free, and others not. Some CAD software contains routines to panelize.

    ExpressPCB's software is easy to use, but it does lock you into using them
    as a vendor. Eagle (free for nonprofit hobby use, with certain limitations)
    is general-purpose CAD software, and quite a lot harder to learn, but you
    can use it with any vendor. Olimex ( will panelize
    for free, and will directly accept the .brd file that Eagle produces, so
    they're pretty easy to work with; you don't need to panelize the board
    within the software, you just draw it once and then they make multiple
  4. kell

    kell Guest

    Thanks a bunch.
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