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Church Lights

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Sammy, Sep 9, 2003.

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  1. Sammy

    Sammy Guest

    I have a church with a 25 foot high ceiling which is where (2) two spot
    flood fixtures will be placed.
    The object to be illuminated is a lectern/podium as well as the lector,
    which is 14 feet away.
    Obviously in a church you would need to have dimming capabilities as well as
    instant on, so low wattage HID is out.
    I'm interested in finding a lamp with long life and enough punch to light
    the object correctly without washing out the subject.
    The object is to make the lector visible to the congregation. Provide good
    color and skin tone while not blinding the lector.
    I have my own ideas but would like to get input from the group.
    High wattage halogen PAR 56's on a dimmer are a traditional way to achieve
    the results, but they are a maintenance problem with their low life.
    Please let me know your thoughts.

    _ |
    | | |
    _ | _|____________14'________________|_______Floor
    Lectern illumination area - 3' to 7' AFF

  2. [snip]

    You must not be using the dimmer very much or else this church has
    VERY long sermons :)

    The Philips 300 watt, 240 volt PAR56 halogen lamp has a rated life of
    2000 hours at rated voltage. It takes only a small decrease in
    operating voltage to double or triple the life. Or perhaps you have
    the lamp dimmed so much when the lectern is not in use that the lamp
    is suffering from halogen corrosion. In that case, a non-halogen lamp
    would provide longer life, but I'm not sure one is available in a
    PAR56 bulb. If deep dimming is the issue, and halogen is your only
    option, then you might want to install a lower power lamp for
    "standby" use and keep the high power PAR56 for use when the lectern
    is in use.
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