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Christmas lights

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Your name, May 23, 2006.

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  1. Your name

    Your name Guest


    Christmas lights wired in series

    240 volt mains ac - 30 lights

    what voltage does each bulb have to be?

    any words of wisdom?
  2. nvic

    nvic Guest

    I'd say 8 volts if put in series. Math: 240 / 30 = 8 Volts
  3. Your name spake thus:
    Yes--simple arithmetic: 240/30. I leave the answer as an exercise for
    the reader.

    I hope that in a few years it [Wikipedia] will be so bloated that it
    will simply disintegrate, because I can't stand the thought that this
    thing might someday actually be used as a serious reference source.
    Because in its current form, it's not to be taken seriously at all.

    - Horst Prillinger (see
  4. Are they really in series? That is, when one goes out do they all go
    out? Some light strings are series/parallel.
  5. Adrian C

    Adrian C Guest

    'I say, d'you know those olympic synchronised swimmers? If one drowns,
    do they all drown?'
    Most 240V sets (UK anyway) are all in series, but each bulb is designed
    to self-short if the filament fails - so the rest of the set remain
    alight, though sharing now a higher voltage per bulb. Eventually, after
    more bulb failures (due to overrun) the fuse bulb will blow and tommy
    will get upset, bawl out tears, and santa will head seriously for the
    drinks cupboard again.

    What's 'Your name' worrying about Christmas for? It's more than six
    months away!
  6. Um, cocktail hour here in the states. Good idea.
  7. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Most everywhere else are too, though often the larger sets are segmented
    with several smaller series sections.

    I have one set of UK miniature lights which is very unusual from my
    perspective as it has sections of 10 2.4v bulbs in series and runs from
    a 24V transformer, that's something I've never seen on this side of the
  8. JW

    JW Guest

    Can you give me a little hint?
  9. Ken Weitzel

    Ken Weitzel Guest

    I'd give you a hint, but I'm getting a little old, and don't
    understand this new math, so....

    I'm pretty sure that these youngsters today got one part
    wrong. They keep saying pie are square, and that's just
    not right! Even us old guys know that pie are round,
    it's cake that square!

    Take care.

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