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Chinese selling counterfeit parts to the US military

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by asdf, Nov 9, 2011.

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  1. I wasn't aware of the US miltary buying any parts from China.

    More like American Military (sub) contractors using dodgy American
    middlemen because of incredibly antiquated designs, who then buy
    dubious obsolete, used or otherwise off-spec stuff marked-to-order
    from Chinese basement operations who give them exactly what they ask
  2. Seems the Chineese are taking over the US not by military force but by
    economic. US depends on Chinese loans for a great part and now even become
    depending on electronics even for the military. Where are all those mil.
    specs. that made life difficult for western manufacturers? No need to check
    when the parts come from China? Not excluding China for delivering parts for
    months or even years? No punishment or sanctions at all?

    petrus bitbyter
  3. holyhigh

    holyhigh Guest

    true, and the parts are supose to have traceability and pass qualification
    and QA at several levels.....
  4. Mike

    Mike Guest

    That might depend on the service and how the contracts are written. If
    the vendor is responsible for the inspection, it might not happen.

    Here's a recent article on how the Missile Defense Agency is being used
    as a model to eliminate counterfeit parts.

    MDA a Model for Avoiding Counterfeit Parts

    Lawmakers are turning to the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) as a possible
    model for how the U.S. Defense Department can stop counterfeit electronic
    parts from entering the defense supply chain.

    Soon after he took over MDA in 2008, O'Reilly looked into the origin of
    counterfeit parts after they were found in a missile defense telemetry

    "We found that all counterfeit parts were coming from independent
    distributors," O'Reilly said.

    According to O'Reilly, MDA was unable to certify 61 percent of the
    independent distributors researched. O'Reilly said these distributors
    were deemed moderate to high risk because they could not produce a
    sufficient paper trail for the origins of their parts.

    The Senate Armed Services Committee recently completed its own
    investigation, which showed most of the counterfeit electronics that make
    their way into U.S. military systems originate in China.

    After making this discovery, the MDA director signed a ban in 2009 that
    prohibited all contractors from going to independent distributors without
    first coming to MDA for permission. O'Reilly said the best way to
    eliminate counterfeit parts is to eliminate their source, and MDA does
    this by limiting the use of independent parts distributors.

    Contractors working with MDA are limited to buying parts from the
    original manufacturer or authorized distributors. If this isn't an
    option, the contractor has to prove to MDA why it needs to go to an
    independent distributor and must also agree to rigorously test those


    O'Reilly told them it does not matter if a contract is cost-plus or
    fixed-price if it includes a clause that makes it clear the contractor
    has to pick up replacement costs if he buys parts from an unauthorized

    Levin said the MDA's model should be followed by the military services
    and the Defense Department.

  5. That's the thing- there are people who d*mn well should know better
    doing seriously irresponsible, likely illegal and certainly
    non-conforming things at several stages. For money.

    They just sent a FL woman to jail for a few years for doing this sort
    of thing- they were selling remarked crap to other middemen who were
    not asking enough questions and thence through more stages.

    You can buy pretty much whatever you need in China in the way of
    electronics, just have to be rather careful who you deal with. Out of
    1,000 small-scale vendors there are bound to be some that specialize
    or dabble in this sort of thing.
  6. TTman

    TTman Guest

    That happens in the UK too, to the unwary. Sometimes it's a legit deal,
    sometimes it's a fake..
    The trick is to establish a good relationship with a Chinese supplier....
    Ad hoc = disaster. !!
  7. Bob Quintal

    Bob Quintal Guest

    The MIL-SPECs are still there. But many MIL-SPEC transistors and ICs
    are no longer being manufactured in the USA so the companies who need
    some old parts shop on EBay or ask around, Somebody will answer "I
    got 50 of what you want in the basement." and negociate a sale.

    But what gets delivered is scrap pulled off of pcboards, with old
    part number sanded off and a new part number pretending to be
    somebody else's higher quality product.
  8. John S

    John S Guest

    You would not be able to spot a transistor removed from a PCB?
  9. Guest

    Those solutions are obvious. Why is the DOD allowing *any* contractor to buy
    floor sweepings?
  10. Bob Quintal

    Bob Quintal Guest

    These counterfeiters go to a lot of effort to make the devices look
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