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Chinese parts

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Michael, Jun 16, 2006.

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  1. Michael

    Michael Guest

    I've managed to purchse a few parts that have come from Hong Kong and the
    process went smoothly on each transaction.

    I think it was a 10,000pc minimum....wire the funds and wait a month or so.

    I searched "Alibaba" and a couple of other search sites like that to find
    the manufacturer I needed and then just emailed them direct.

    BUT, most of the time I'm striking out on the inquiries I'm making because
    the majority of my emails go unanswered.

    I'm simply asking for minimum quantity requirements and pricing but more
    often than not....don't hear back.

    Is there a "better way" to purchase offshore parts?
    Are there US based representatives that have their own web sites etc?

    Are there any search sites I'm missing out on?

    I've used Alibaba, Chinabusinessworld, Globalsources, Hkexporter.

    Any hints or tips on purchasing these parts is appreciated....(Chinese
    especially...mainland or Hong Kong)......thanks.
  2. linnix

    linnix Guest

    Did you email in Chinese, or foreign languages like English?
    Most westerners don't realize that they speak/write Chinese there!!!

    They usually prefer the old fashion way, with phone calls in Chinese.
    Once we identified the parts, we usually send the info to our local
    agents there. They have to follow up on phone calls. Even if they
    have email listed, not many of them actually read them, especially in
    English. They response better when our agents write to them in

    Think of it this way, if you have a phone call in English and one in
    Chinese, which one would you follow up on.
  3. Michael

    Michael Guest

    Well, I guess I was lucky my first two attempts because we emailed the
    transactions in I've been under a false assumption perhaps.

    I suppose you're right and I suppose it's a matter of hit and miss as to who
    has an English "interface".

    So....I still wonder about my "better way" to do it?

    Are there English reps in Hong Kong or in the states that will represent a
    group of companies?

    Would anyone have any leads?

  4. Guest

    Be careful what you wish for. The following link will provide more
    leads than you'll ever need.
  5. linnix

    linnix Guest

    The offical answer is Yes. The practical answer is May be. They know
    that foreign inquirers are either:

    1. checking prices for negotation with their distributors.
    2. Setting up shops to compete with them.

    If you don't have a local present, they won't take you too seriously.
    They might still sell you a batch or two, just to fill their quotas.
    They might not even talk to you again.
    Yes, we do. We have agents in China.

    Contact us at http://{my first name, 6 characters).com
  6. John - KD5YI

    John - KD5YI Guest

    I have used this business to make PCBs:

    The man's name who runs the business is Clem Tang. He has contacts in
    Shanghai and elsewhere and he speaks English. He is located on the Canadian
    Left Coast. He has had all my recent boards made in Shanghai and are of
    first-rate quality.

    He mentioned to me about turn-key products. He apparently has sources for
    plastics as well as PCBs and assembly all in the same area of China. He said
    there is a city there that specializes in the various ways of extruding or
    forming plastic devices.

    I think he is trying to get out of the prototype PCB business, but I think
    he may have some contact suggestions even if he does not want to be an
    intermediary for you.

    In any case, good luck.

  7. linnix

    linnix Guest

    In China, there is usually a city for one thing and one thing only.

    For example, in the perl river delta (north of Hong Kong), you can get
    high grade PCB on the west and high quality mold making on the east.
    The Japanese auto makers are the biggest users of molds designs in that
    area. You can custom design parts in steel, aluminium and plastic for
    less than $1000.
  8. Off-topic post from me here, but this really interests me. It sounds like a
    good idea. The 'west' worries so much about damage to the environment
    (reasonably so) and the noodle really begins to bake when people here start
    to think about China, given the size, population and the drive to excel at
    technology. Maybe we shouldn't be so worried about China. First, this way
    it's more efficient that it has ever been (although actually in the UK, in
    the 'Industrial Revolution' whole towns would have one major line of work,
    something still shaping those towns today), and there is another thing that
    is a benefit. If any process causes damage, it's far more localised, and
    it's far easier (and cheaper) to identify a cause and fix it. I doubt they
    care less about their environment than we do. They probably care more,
    given that they're living in it.
  9. Genome

    Genome Guest


    Yes... but you are a clueless spazmobranch.

    Now we have moved onto service industries what we do is sell loans to each
    other and employ bailiffs to chase them up when the return is not worth

    How about you go **** off somewhere else where you're not wanted?

  10. If what you say is true, then we have even less reason to worry about
    China. I think you should worry about your DNA, Genome, it's showing signs
    of unravelling.
  11. Zak

    Zak Guest

    It seems they do, though it may be lost in corruption or whatever. And
    it may be local and not in rural areas.

    They seem to have efficiency standards for compact fluorescent lamps even.

    Though the rules might just be to make export easier, I don't know.
    Their cars look nice but seem to be rather unsafe...

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