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Chicago (Des Plaines) Brinks branch is the WORST

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by dep_blueman, Jan 8, 2004.

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  1. dep_blueman

    dep_blueman Guest

    Ok, I know a lot of you hate Brinks in general but I have had really
    good luck with them up to now. Their national call center has been
    (and continues to be) nothing short of top notch. Never a wait, always

    But (and there is always a but) I have had nothing but problems with
    the local Chicago branch in Des Plaines, IL. They have been trying to
    get my system installed and working correctly since November 21st and
    it is still not right.

    I have been told so many stories about when the needed equipment
    would be available, when they would be out, when they would call, and
    when the job would be done that I can't keep count. I have called the
    local office, the national office, cell phones, pagers, and fax
    numbers. The local office never calls me back, the technical manager
    is always in a meeting when I call, or no one bothers to pick up the
    phone at all (during business hours). Finally, I was told the hardware
    just came in (Jan 5th) but when the installer came I noticed the
    packing list and it had been delivered to Brinks on December 19th! Of
    course, the installer did not have the right test equipment to
    configure the system so he left without the job being done.

    I don't blame the installers as they have been very helpful and in
    the case of the person (Thomas*) who did the base install just plain
    GREAT. I do blame the apparent POOR management of the operation in
    general. I can't imagine a business that can be successful when they
    don't take or return customer's calls or deliver on their promises.
    Brinks gets one more chance this evening to fix things and then I
    cancel (via an out I had written in the contract up front).

    Sad thing is I really like the system and the price was right. They
    could have saved a LOT of money if they just did it all right the
    first time. I don't understand it.

    (I just had to rant; I feel better now)


    *Thomas was clearly over worked and pressured to do the job as fast
    as possible. Despite that he did an amazing job. The new installer
    told me he left Brinks around the first of the year. I hope he found a
    better company to work for. In fact, if I have to cancel on Brinks I
    might just track him down and see who he works for now :)
  2. J.E. Klein

    J.E. Klein Guest

    You get what you pay for~~
  3. dep_blueman

    dep_blueman Guest

    Brinks finally sent out a person with the knowledge to fix the system.
    After 30 min. everything was working as it should.



    (dep_blueman) wrote in message
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