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Cheap small run PCB assembly house?

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by David L. Jones, Oct 18, 2007.

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  1. I'm after a cheap small run PCB assembly house, that can do small SMD
    board assembly, either in Australia or overseas.

    Nothing too fancy, small individual boards (not panelised), double
    sided load, 0805's, QFP, couple of through hole parts and other SMD's,
    50 to 100 qty or thereabouts.

    This is my own money so $$$ count. All the usual ones I deal with are
    geared up for big business and charge accordingly.

    Any recommendations?

  2. Hi Dave,

    Heaps to choose from:

    I use in China, because the price is good and they can do
    routing for free and their online ordering system is good (when it is
    online). Their gold plated boards look great and they do RoHS.

    Others in the ballpark are and

    and also have a look at the line up that the Eagle guys have

    Cheers, Phil
  3. Thanks Phil, but I'm after PCB assemblers, not PCB bare board

    I use PCB Cart myself, and i agree they are very good.

  4. Bob Parker

    Bob Parker Guest

    Hi Dave,
    Check out All Systems in Seven Hills. They've been doing assembly
    work for the company I work for. Everyone's happy with the results and
    their personal attention to the requirements of each job.
    They sound like the kind of place you're looking for. Go to

  5. swanny

    swanny Guest

    Have a chat to Mike at SRM (Steel River Manufacturing) in Newcastle
    ( They are usually very accommodating.
  6. Duncan

    Duncan Guest

    Hi Dave,

    I'm afraid I only know Brisbane based assemblers but here are a few
    that are happy to do small runs...

    Amiga Electronics Pty Ltd
    Manager: Chris Eaton
    Ph: 07 3803 7125
    ** really geared more towards through hole but good pricing, he can
    also get arrange to get the boards assembled in china for you.

    Young Control Systems
    Manager: Clive Kellow
    Ph: 07 3209 2955
    ** surface mount experts **
    If I were you I'd consider this one even if they aren't the lowest
    quote, cheap is fine but fair price and quality workmanship often
    works out to be a lot less costly in the end!
    Aaron who runs the SMD department is one of the best operators I have
    seen, they have a very nice clean room for the SMD work something I
    would normally only find in companies doing medical or military work.
    Or some of the bigger contract manufacturers who would fall over
    laughing if you asked them to make 50 to 100 boards for you.

    There are a couple of others you could try:

    RF Technologies
    Elexon Electronics
    Cridet Technologies
    South West Electronic Services

    I work as a rep and visit loads of companies in QLD that do this type
    of work and for cheap I'd talk to Amiga, but I'd be happier to pay a
    little more for quality workmanship and use Young Controls Systems if
    I were you.

    I hope that helps!

  7. Thanks everyone for your replies, I'll check them out.

  8. Whoops, misread your post.... do assembly
    for US$0.01 per solder joint, but if you are just making up 50 boards then
    it might cause less heart ache to go local.
  9. Herbie

    Herbie Guest

    Do you have solder paste stencils (two for double sided) made yet? They can
    cost you a few hundred each just for setup costs. I've used PCB cart too
    and want to ask them if they will do a stencil for my next board.
    For board assembly in Sydney you might try:
    OnTime, only contact I have at the moment is Manji on 0407915500. They're
    quite small and do very small runs for us.

    Also have some
    interesting ideas about small run home brewed SMT soldering.

  10. Guest

    Hi, Dave,

    I am Peggy, a sale of PCBA company in Hong Kong, please take a look of
    our website "". We can provide low price and high
    quality product (proved by ISO and RoHs).

    Anyway, nice to meet you! You can contact me by email if you have

    my e-mail:
  11. Guest

    Hey Dave,

    A couple of associates of mine have set up a company that is just what
    you are after.
    Precision Manufacturing Solutions based in Auckland, New Zealand.

    Refer for all our details.

    We specialize in PCB manufacture of small to medium volume and
    prototyping assembly... We can offer full turn-key solution to suit
    and delivery to your requirement. All work is done to the highest
    standard and our cost will NOT be beaten. Good old kiwi know-how.

    I look forward to possibly hear from you if not for this project then
    maybe the next... No job is too big or too small and our customers
    come first.

  12. Guest

    We can do this job for you. Our company is located in Melbourne and
    the PCB will be loaded overseas. We are qualified supplier of PCB
    Assembly of many multi-million companies in Australia. However, we
    value every customer! Cost is down
    to earth without compromising quality and lead time. Using our
    services, the only thing the customers needs to do is sending their
    PCB files( preferably, protel file), BOM, and Assembly Drawings. Cost
    of the job will generally be at least 20% below that of assembly
    houses. If interested, please visit our website,, for
    more details.

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