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Cheap Scope ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by halong, May 24, 2013.

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  1. halong

    halong Guest

    We're look for "something" to see how good the TMDS, with a low budget
    and we hit this $10K PicoScope 9200 USB

    Has anyone ever heard of or used this? I'm open for other choices
    with budget... let say below ~$20K,

    Renting is almost out of choice since we will need it for infinite...

  2. halong

    halong Guest

    Oops,...just forgot to say required BW need to be at least 4 GHz
  3. halong

    halong Guest

    Thank you John,

    Sorry for the delay, I've been busy around on other stuffs...

    This 11801 looks like the most feasible solution

    Is that true we can only look at one diff pair on one head? If so we
    may need two heads, one for the clock (to trigger) and one for the
    data...and for the clock I think we can use the slower speed
  4. halong

    halong Guest

    Wow, those LeCroy are fancy for sure, and big buck too :)

    For the 18101, sounds like we need to recover the clock to single end
    first before feeding it to the trigger on the mainframe. In the old
    day I remember to treat one signal of the dif pair as single ended,
    and trigger on it with out big trouble :)

    and yes, we also need it to evaluate the eye diagram
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