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cheap schottky diode

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by RHRRC, Jan 21, 2007.

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  1. RHRRC

    RHRRC Guest

    I am looking for a cheap small thro' hole schottky.
    It must be thro hole and small - eg DO35 size
    The reverse volts is trivial (max4V) it is merely for clamping 300uA
    to 300mv or below.
    Only 1 or 2k are required over about 18 months!
    For this quantity I have looked at some of the catalogue distributors
    but the prices are huge for anything schottky.

    Any suggestions as to device and source? I have noticed that the lowest
    spec'd devices are not necessarily the lowest priced in these

  2. You can buy 10 of these from Digikey for $2,25 plus postage:
  3. Mouser sells lots of axial leaded Schottkys for less than
    $0.50 each. For instance, this one is $0.20 for quantity 1.*schottky*+*diode*+*do35*&N=1323038+1491524+0
    No minimum order charge, either.
  4. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

  5. John  Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    Mouser, ST 1N5711, 7 cents each at 1K.

  6. Compared to the postage you will pay to have one delivered, yes.
  7. Getting pretty close on the 300mV forward drop at 300uA,
    though. Might work.
  8. Ross Herbert

    Ross Herbert Guest

    Since you are in the UK then RS Components, Farnell etc will stock

    At such low current Vf should easily be well below 300mV.

    RS sells in 500+ for UKP0.09 ea. CPC Farnell only give 25+ price at
    UKP0.18 ea so will probably be similar to RS at 500+
  9. RHRRC

    RHRRC Guest

    Thanks for that. I only quickly scanned the first column for prices in
    RS, Fnl, Rapid etc and was put off by the extortionate prices.
    RS charge 49p each at one off, 9p at 100 off. The 100 off price still
    seems expensive but where does the 49p come from.
    These small shottky's appear to carry the highest low quantity
    surcharge of any device.
    Dont buy 3 buy 100 - 100 is cheaper.

    My friendly distributor, as a favour - and certainly nothing to do with
    a £4.5M pa account, is going to supply the diodes at sensible prices
    in these low quntities
  10. Guest

    Just for the record, Rapid's price for the BAT43 is £0.10 for 1+ and
    £0.08 for 100+.
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