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Cheap, high amp dc power supply?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by twags6, Apr 21, 2005.

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  1. twags6

    twags6 Guest

    Is there any way to make a dc power supply capable of 50+ amps at
    12-13.8 vdc? Basically, I'm looking for something to simulate the
    power from a car without the whole battery and charger setup. Parts
    express sells a nice rackmount one, but I'd rather not part with $190.


  2. Tom Biasi

    Tom Biasi Guest

    Hi Trevor,
    What is the application for this supply?
    If you need nice clean regulated power you can spend more than the $190.00
    that you quoted.
    When I worked on high current mobile transceivers I would use the battery
    and charger set up, best power for the money.
  3. twags6

    twags6 Guest

  4. exxos

    exxos Guest

    the regulator is easy, any switchmode chip powering a external fet will do
    the job, the hardest part is finding a transformer which will kick out

  5. JeB

    JeB Guest

    u might find something on eBay for about half that.
  6. Byron A Jeff

    Byron A Jeff Guest

    Neither of these. Linear regulators will burn up a whole lot of power.
    The 1230psu circuit above will have to dissapate 360W of power. Much less
    than 50% efficiency.
    Why not an isolation transformer like this one:

    The 1KVA is 66 percent more than the 600 VA the original poster requested.
    And it'll be isolated.

    Essentially you want to switchmode power from a 170 VDC filtered source.

    But even at 90% efficiency you'll still have to get rid of 150 W of heat.

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