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Cheap Digital Thermometer, w/Wide Range

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Loren Coe, Jan 27, 2004.

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  1. Loren Coe

    Loren Coe Guest

    as a result of buying a deep fryer, i have been trying to verify
    the oil temperature. a candy thermometer seems to agree, pretty
    well but the latest offerings have a plastic cap that melts at
    370degF, as i found out, bummer.

    so i bot a digital cheapie at Wmrt for 11bucks. what amazed me is
    the range, -50 to 392 degF, they even include a pot to calibrate it.
    i have tested it at freezing and boiling point of water, it does well,
    and it agrees w/the candy at 212. talking w/in 1.5deg or so, and small
    adjust for altitude (655ft here in Plano).

    i have yet to test it in the hot oil, i want to make sure i don't drop
    it like the candy therm. that will not be good. anyhoo, just wondering
    if anyone else has or has tested one of these puppies. mine is imported
    by Chaney InstrumentCo. they make a pricer model with a lifetime warr.

    thanks! --Loren
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