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Charging laptop battery

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by trickyrick, Feb 12, 2009.

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  1. trickyrick

    trickyrick Guest

    I have a gateway laptop and the battery will not charge. There are
    several contacts on it and its rated at 11.1 volts. Any ideas how to
    manually charge it I would assume that its a 6 cell battery because
    there are 7 contacts one is a bigger size then the others I would
    assume that is the neg contact. Any idea on each of those contacts
    are there suppose to be 11.1 volts or does the laptop take each cell
    and wire them in series to get 11.1
  2. PeterD

    PeterD Guest

    What good will that do, the battery is dead, not function, knackered,
    TFU, gone, passed away...
    What kind of insane logic dictates that?
    Wow, please be sure your insurance is fully paid up before going any
    Go to eBay and buy a new battery.
  3. Adrian C

    Adrian C Guest

    What is the model number of the laptop?
    What is the model number written on the cell?

    What's the chemistry and mAh rating written on the battery?
    - Lithium ion (Li-ion) or Nickel Metal Hydride? (NiMH)

    With all that, the OEM replacement can be found - or if NiMH equivalent
    cells, found to replace those inside. eBay.
  4. Gnack Nol

    Gnack Nol Guest

    The laptop supplies 11.1 volts carefully controled by the internal
    charging circuit. It is a smart battery that can't be charged outside
    the computer because it has a microprocessor controlled charging circuit
    built in that talks to your computer in order to keep the battery from
    either overheating or over charging.

    It will not allow you to charge it without the control system in the
    computer. It's likely that your battery has bad cells or blown protection
    fuses internally that are preventing the circuit from allowing it to

    It is very difficult to disassemble the battery case without damaging
    anything inside and possibly causing a fire. These batteries will combust
    if shorted.

  5. trickyrick

    trickyrick Guest

    I would not have asked the question if the battery is dead. I have
    something wrong with my laptop. I have a friend with the same battery
    and have had them charge the battery for me by placing it in the
    laptop over night. Im not paying anything to fix the laptop it would
    probably be more than its worth. About the contacts or cells on the
    battery you seem to be very sarcastic. You tell me what the contacts
    are for. I am under the assumption that when buying a laptop battery
    you can buy a 6 cell or 8 cell battery. So again please explain to me
    what the 7 contacts are for on the battery
  6. trickyrick

    trickyrick Guest

    Thanks Gnack
    PeterD has it wrong the battery is not dead I can charge it on a
    friends laptop (same model) so Im assuming that something is wrong
    with my laptop it will only work on AC or the battery if I have it
    charged. It would probably be to expensive to have the laptop
    repaired so I was just wondering if I could charge is externally.
  7. Gnack Nol

    Gnack Nol Guest

    On Thu, 12 Feb 2009 13:06:59 -0800, trickyrick wrote:

    extra text deleted.

    Likely the laptop's charging circuit is in trouble but there is one thing
    I can suggest that may help you. If you look at the contact set in the
    computer and see any discoloration on the gold pins try cleaning them
    gently and preferably with a cotton swab soaked on 95% alcohol. That may
    get the battery and charger talking again.

  8. PeterD

    PeterD Guest

    Nothing beats leaving out significant information in your original
    post, is there?
    Some of the contacts are used to communicate with the battery. Others
    are used for power.
  9. Adrian C

    Adrian C Guest

    Is the original adaptor being used, or is the power adaptor you are
    using actually faulty? Try the one belonging to your friend on your laptop.

    I don't know your laptop model, but some laptop manufacturers (namely
    Dell) are selling them with specific power supplies that ID themselves
    to the the machine before allowing charging. Sometimes the ID pin on the
    PSU connector or the equivalent on the laptop fails to connect / breaks.
  10. Guest

    You can get standalone chargers for some laptop batteries, but your
    cheapest solution is probably to buy a "spares or repairs" dead laptop
    which takes the same battery and hope its charger circuit still works
    even if the laptop won't boot. Machines with faults like smashed
    screen or lost password go quite cheaply on eBay.

  11. Clint Sharp

    Clint Sharp Guest

    Sometimes there is no ID pin, they signal the charger serial number,
    capacity etc. over the power rail.
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