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Charger 220/12 volt and photovoltaic panel.

Discussion in 'Photovoltaics' started by marco, Nov 1, 2005.

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  1. marco

    marco Guest

    I am constructing house in Umbria, Italy, to approximately 1100 s.l.m.
    I have previewed for the lighting system the 12 volt power with 4 Optima
    batteries 75 ampere and the Luxeon leds 5 watt (they consume little and
    also work when the tension cove), and the 220 volt with pure sine wave
    inverter, 1 kwatt; plus I connect it to Supplier of electricity with a
    semiconductor relè, 3500 watt; termocamino to legna/pellet of the
    Jolli Mec Foghet model and warm water with solar panel and boiler of the
    Solahart model 151K, already mounted. I have thought that blue
    batteries OPTIMA, with Solver, are a lot indicated for the energy of
    emergency why they have a cue many elevated 970 ampere etc etc. In
    forecast that in 2006 I will install also photovoltaic panels I ask you
    the suggestions and/or aid for what regards the charger (220 volt in Italy).

    Please, excuse me for bad english
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