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characteristic impedance and intrinsic impedance

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by archie, Mar 20, 2007.

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  1. archie

    archie Guest

    can anybody enlighten me the difference between characteristic
    impedance and intrinsic impedance?
  2. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    ** Groper Alert

    ** Supply a common context - or else **** OFF !!

    You self confessed NARCISSISTIC ****.

    ...... Phil
  3. Phil Allison wrote his typical philth
    Please ignore Philth Allison, he is a troll. It is said that he is
    singlehandedly responsible for ruining a couple of Australian newsgroups by
    using the very tactics you just witnessed. He waits for a newbie to post
    and then dumps all over them in hopes that they will never be back. Since
    he is no longer welcome in that hemisphere, he has crossed the equater in
    search of more plunder.

    A little background on our friend philth:
    He suffers from paranoid dellusions and, amongst other things, is said to
    record all telephone conversations. Everyone is out to get phil, at least
    he thinks so. The frightening thing is that he seems to think he's
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  4. Huh?
  5. Huh what? I assume you have him in your killfile so you didn't see the nice
    "helpful" response he gave archie. Would that be correct?
  6. Could be ... going to check my killfile. Thanks.
  7. Yes he is ... sorry about that.

    But, this brings up an issue that you can perhaps help me with. How in the
    world can we keep all of this sorted out?

    My "Huh" was not a negative response to your post. It was just a "Huh."
  8. I'm sorry if I came off short with you, I didn't really mean to. It's just
    that it really bugs me that everyone aparently has PA in their killfile, and
    then when he gets all philthy with newbies, no-one knows anything about it.
    The newbie then thinks that's how it's done here, and leaves forever. It's
    one thing for PA to do it in the groups of experienced people that know
    about him, like SED. It's another for him to slither around SEB and pounce
    on newbies for not being smart enough, or for not asking the question in a
    way that doesn't confuse phil.
  9. Anthony, you and I are on similar tracks. I only post replies here ...
    simply trying to help a bit.

    Yes, he is a nasty turd.

    Yes, I think it is just awful for neophytes to be trashed and turned off by

    Thanks for the additional information. We have no important differences, as
    to this newsgroup.

    Best of everything to you and yours.

  10. Bob Pownall

    Bob Pownall Guest

    A reasonably good place to start is

    and a little further down on the same page:

    Basically, characteristic impedance requires a transmission line, while
    intrinsic impedeance requires a uniform media. So you can talk about
    the characteristic impedance of a transmission line, but you talk about
    the intrinsic impedance of free space. I think the intrinsic impedance
    is also known as the wave impedance.

    Unfortunately, my copy of Pozar, "Microwave Engineering" is at the
    office, or I could quote you some text out of that. (And double-check
    my memory at the same time...)

    Hope this helps.

    Bob Pownall
  11. archie

    archie Guest

    If u dont kno it, say u donno it u fuckin loser's hole..

    Anthony n Charles:
    Thanks guys, twas really enlightening:D

    That was actually helpful man, also the links.
    Thank you so much:D
  12. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    ** What a vile piece of sub- human vermin.

    Google Groups really knows how to find these PUKES !!

    **** THE HELL OFF - ARCHIE !!


    ...... Phil
  13. Sorry if I came across as though I was mad at you. I'm not at all. I was
    just all worked up over philthy. Looks like archie will be staying. :)
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