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Changing Rooms

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Mark van der Eynden, Nov 5, 2003.

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  1. Rod's mention of changing rooms got to me.

    All this hoo ha about people using Video phones in Changing

    What if a changing room was enclosed in a 'Faraday Shield'?

    Could an effective 'Faraday Shield' be made into 'wall paper' and
    pasted on the walls of the changing rooms (and any other rooms for
    that matter)?


    Please send all royalties to me!?


  2. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    ** Cannot the image from the camera can be stored for later transmission

    If not in all models surely with some.

    Kinda makes shielding a waste of effort.

    ........... Phil
  3. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    You one of those perverts, boy ?
    Presumably a properly designed mobile phone handset
    would just keep the MMS and send it when it could
    talk to the base again, outside the faraday cage.
    Yes, its not hard to ensure that a mobile phone
    cant get a good enough signal in a particular area.

    Happens all the time by accident in basements particularly.
    Request denied. Your have been dobbed in to
    the authoritys on your perverted behaviour tho.

    I did mention that you're a moslem too.
  4. Arpit

    Arpit Guest

    PRecisely, i believe they are stored, and sending them is only an
    option. Plus, what frequency do those thhings run at? what would the
    amz perforation size in the shield be?
  5. Arpit

    Arpit Guest

    yeah, i can get my phone down a few 'reception notches' by covering
    the antenna in my hands
  6. I noticed in a paper somewhere the other day that phones have been banned in
    public swimming pools cause the kiddy fidlers have been using them to take
    happy snaps.
  7. Ultra bright IR Spot lights to wash the picture out will work. until they
    put IR filters on the lense
  8. Alex Gibson

    Alex Gibson Guest

    well the next thing is watch phones.
    Being prototyped at the moment
    (from the messages in comp.arch.embedded look for some of Lewin's posts).
    Transmit via bluetooth or ir to other device.

    you idea doesn't stop people saving the photos on to a device and sending them later.

    Also blocking one frequency wouldn't work.
    You would have to block all mobile phone and bluetooth frequencies.
    And bluetooth has a range up to 100m depending on the device and antenna used.
    Most phones and pda's have a bluetooth range of 10m.
    Add on for computers and embedded boards up to 100m with small antenna.
    Using directional antennas give around double that.

    Having a door would defeat a faraday cage.
    Or a more tunnel like entrance could act like a wave guide

  9. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    Concealable digital cameras have been around for a long time now.

    They dont need to be able to transmit the picture
    by RF to be useful in that particular situation.
    In fact that would normally be automatic.
    A faraday cage would do that adequately.

    Doesnt stop them being sent after you have left the cage tho.
    You dont need to bother with any of that with decent digital
    cameras. Just take the pics, plug it into the PC after you leave etc.
    Not necessarily with mobile phones. Plenty of places dont have
    an adequate signal level inside them and they do have doors.
    Fantasy at those freqs.
  10. Okay, so the photos can be saved for later trasmission.

    What if we put a micro(nano?) cell inside our 'Faraday Shield' with
    the following programming....

    Phone registered in cell?
    Ring it
    Goto Ring it
    (You get the idea)

    That will force the mongrels to turn their phones off. As an added
    bonus, if they don't, everyone in the room will be aware there is a
    phone around.

    I suspect cells have a 'call all' facility for emergencies and what
    not, if so this would enable an even more stripped down cell to be


  11. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    And any decent electronic camera that has nothing to do
    with a mobile phone at all can always be used instead.

    Completely trivial.
    Anyone wanting to get some pics of naked
    flesh etc will just use a digital camera, stupid.
    Pity it would be completely illegal and wouldnt work anyway.
    It would just force them to use a digital camera instead.
    Someone is absolutely guaranteed to dob you in to the ACA.
    They dont.
    Wouldnt achieve a damned thing, they'd just use a digital camera instead.

    Wouldnt be hard to disable the mobile phone/camera
    RF frontend while you're in the changing room either.
    Just take the sim out would work just as well.
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