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Changing resistors for higher power rating resistors...

Discussion in 'General Electronics Discussion' started by Maz, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. Maz


    Apr 3, 2013

    First post on this forum... excuse my lack of knowledge...

    I have a bulb lighting device in which there are some resistors. Occasionally, when switched on, some of the resistors burn out. Repairs have been carried out in the past (not by me) where burned-out resistors have been 'bridged over' with a new resistor (identical to the burned resistor).

    To solve the burning problem, I have replaced the resistors with higher power rating resistors:

    The resistors at the moment are 2.2 Ohm, 0.5 Watt.
    I have replaced them with 2.2 Ohm, 2.0 Watt resistors. The device seems to be working OK with no resistor burn-out.

    General question...Are there any implications in using these higher power resistors? Does the current passing through the new resistors 'take longer' to get through the resistor? Will it take fractionally longer for the light bulbs to switch on?

    I'm sorry if that sounds like a daft question, but I really don't know much about electronics.

    Can anyone answer this question? Thanks in advance
  2. CocaCola


    Apr 7, 2012
    Nope, none at all... Unless bigger size, and cooler overall resistor temps are a concern :)
  3. Maz


    Apr 3, 2013
    Music to my ears! Thank you, CocaCola.:)
  4. Maz


    Apr 3, 2013
    Neither of these is a concern. The replacement resistors are a bit wider and a bit longer, but still plenty of space to fit them.
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