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Chandelier going from 110V to 230V?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Roy, Nov 8, 2004.

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  1. Roy

    Roy Guest

    Please help me with a simple problem. I inherited a beautiful old
    chandelier which I want to offer a cousin living in Portugal. I
    understand that there is a difference in the voltage between the US
    (110V) and Portugal (230V). BUT if I take the chandelier to Portugal
    and replace the plug and the light bulb will it still work or will it
    blow up in flames? What about the socket of the light bulb: will a
    230V light bulb fit in the socket of a 110V US bulb? Please forgive my
    ignorance if this is a hopeless case. Roy ()
  2. Mike

    Mike Guest

    It probably won't "blow up in flames," but you'd probably blow the bulbs
    almost immediately. At 230V, you'd be pushing more than 2X the power through
    the bulbs. I'm not sure about a 230V bulb in a 110V socket, but perhaps you
    can purchase a step-down voltage converter.

  3. I tried to research this on the web and I found a sentence that said that
    bulb sockets are standardized all over the world, just like battery

    If that is so you just have to find replacement lamps with the same
    sockets but the portuguese voltage.

    If that chandelier has some very strange bulb sockets this might not
    work, but replacing the sockets is fairly easy too, if you need to go
    that far.

    If you want more detailed advice you should describe the socket or the
    socket part of the lamps as exactly as you can, so we can check if that
    socket type is available at 230V.

    Sockets and lamps often have a number on them, so tell us all markings
    and text you can find on a lamp, both on the glass and on the socket part
    of the lamp. Describe what the socket looks like, measure its diameter, etc..
  4. Randy Day

    Randy Day Guest

    The OP might simply want to send a sample bulb
    to the cousin. If the cousin can locate a similar
    bulb locally that works at 230, problem solved...
  5. PCK

    PCK Guest

    just send it there they will know what to do
    i have portugese relatives, lots of electrcians there and real resourceful
  6. Should be no problems at all !!
    As said, if you cant handle it, one of the local tradespeople would walk it
    in one hand behind their backs :)
  7. Roy

    Roy Guest

    Thanks for all the replies. I am glad to know that it is not a big
    problem at all. The sockets are just the regular sockets we have here
    and if the sockets are standard worldwide then it should work with a
    230V light bulb. I don't even have to change plugs because it has no
    plugs. The wires are to be connected directly with the ceiling supply
    wires. I wished all my problems would be as easy to solve as this one.
    Thanks for the advice. Roy
  8. Screw sockets for light bulbs are standardised (usually E10 or E27),
    bajonet sockets can be more of a problem. All bulbs of course need to be
    exchanged, as the 110 V bulbs will live only a fraction of a second on
    230 V.

    Note that if the chandelier is very old the wires should be replaced, as
    the insulation may have become brittle over the years. I have seen
    examples with naked copper looking through! Better safe than sorry.
  9. Twice the voltage will drive twice the current through the given
    resistance, since power is votage times current doubling the voltagge
    results in 4 times the power.
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