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CFM calculator to get rid of HEAT (TDP or WATTS)

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Skybuck Flying, May 18, 2011.

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  1. Hello,

    I'm curious if it's possible to build a powerfull PC/iCore/GPU/Cuda PC
    without getting into heat problems ! ;)

    For example CPU has about 30 TDP (which is close to watts, otherwise find
    watts listing) and GPU could have as much as 200 to 300 TDP (watts) (top
    model for maximum bandwidth).

    Additional watts for memory( 20 watt ? just guessing ;)) /motherboard (10
    watt ?)/4 harddisk (60 watt*4=240)

    Let's say 800 watts.

    How much CFM would be needed to get rid of all that heat ?!?

    A CFM heat (PC) calculator would be most handy... maybe somebody can
    make/program it.

    What would be good formula's to use ?!? ;)

    Skybuck =D
  2. Hmmm... could be really simple...

    Wikipedia shows conversion chart:

    1 atmosphere-cubic foot per minute = 47.820 074 682 24 W

    Which is probably close to 48 Watts.

    But this is atm-cfm and not cfm hmm... not sure if that is same thing... but
    for now I'll go with it ;)

    So (800 * 60) / 48 = 1000 CFM needed ! ;) =D

    Let's see if antec case is sufficient lol: manual.pdf

    It's about 240 CFM...

    So there is no way that the antec 1200 case would be able to cool such a
    system sufficiently.

    Yes perhaps the graphics card would output a little bit of air as well...
    but it's waaayyyy too little.

    And this manual probably assumes at maximum operating fan speed... so let's
    divide 240 by 2 is 120 CFM... and let's divide it one more time because of
    dust is only 60 CFM.


    Well it's pretty clear where this is going:


    Skybuck ;)
  3. Most interesting part so far, and most interesting website so far:

    It mentions CFD analysis.

    Why calculate one little simple fokking formula if you can simulate the
    whole system ! LOL.

    What hopefully CFD analysis software ! ;) =D


    Csomething Fluid Dynamics LOL.

  4. This one also seems kinda cool but a bit old, but that could be an
    adventage, since I am on a PIII 450 mhz ;) and best of all it's free, alas
    only for MAC OS and Linux:

    Could still be interesting though.

  5. TheJoker

    TheJoker Guest

    You are still so dumb that you will lay your fat fingers all over the
    circuits and ESD FAIL each and every one of them.

    Somehow, I also think you have this erroneous habit of 'tweaking' your
    motherboard BIOS settings on every machine you ever owned.

    Essentially, you qualify as an idiot, not for what you think you are
    taking in (learning), but for all the things you have decided to ignore.

    Yet another proof is that you cross-posted this stupidity to an HVAC
    group. An HVAC engineering group, no less.
  6. Good thing you started it, I am glad you did.

    I fokked my Pentium III 450 mhz so hard ! and it's still working hahaha !

    So shove that ESD FAIL theory straight up your ass.

    I disassembled it so many times, even placed it on table with fluffy stuff
    on it.

    I literally disassembled every screw of the whole computer system, I fokked
    the motherboard.

    I fokked the graphics card with water... It probably even spilled drops on
    the motherboard...

    And it still works ! LOL.

    It never died.

    I am computering on it right now !

    Check the headers and shit ! ;) =D

  7. TheJoker

    TheJoker Guest

    You're a goddamned idiot.

    The ESD FAIL is YOU fat fingering all your gear. Your grasp of
    electronics is nil.

    I have a computer that has lasted for over 8 years.

    That one, and all of my previous computers all still work, and NONE ever

    The fact that ALL of your pieces of shit have failed is absolute,
    undeniable proof that YOU are the dumbfuck breaking your gear.
  8. I have one computer from 1992.
    I have one computer from 1995 or so.
    I have one computer from 1999.

    All three still working.

    And now I have a dead computer from 2006.

    So I have one computer which is now working for 19 years ! ;) :p*

  9. I would use it to test the airflow of the case itself, not necessarily the
    tiny little processor ;)

    Just to see if the case can transport the heat out of it.

    I'm a bit worried that it might not run on my PIII 450 mhz to be usuable...
    like too slow GUI... or maybe it will run... anyway that's why I posted
    multiple CFD softwares, maybe one of them will work on 450 mhz ;)

    Would be nice to be able to verify if my case can actually transport enough
    heat away for any new computer design.

    However if I would go with a very powerfull graphics card then the PC would
    probably require a new supply which is a bit too expensive for my taste at
    this point.

    I have not tracked down the source of death and nothing has been done so
    far... perhaps my "land lore" or whatever it's called... they guy/company
    who collects the rent might contact me to see if something can be done about
    it... but perhaps not...

    Perhaps the appartment and everything else is hard-wire for 2 wires only...
    of which one is nul-wire...

    The weird thing is the kitchen has 3 wire plugs but perhaps those are
    fake... the bathroom seems to have 2 wires to washing machine which is

    Perhaps I just live in a shitty appartment if that's the case well then to
    bad... but that will have consequences for my future PC's... I would then be
    a bit too scared to buy expensive equipment because it's out-dated so

    So then I would have to go with cheap equipment which kinda sucks as well.

    So currently I see no way out of this, thus I am lingering waiting for a
    solution ;)

    I'm also investigating some software technologies to see if I can program
    that... which will influence my decision how I shall repair or replace my
    computer ;)

    Perhaps I will even construct two computers, one for desktop, and perhaps
    one for server, and then a router.

    The problem is the old-cpu and old-graphics cards are so hot I don't dare to
    re-use them for a server, so buying a super computer was probably a big
    mistake... but I wanted to try it ;)

  10. TheJoker

    TheJoker Guest

    Still plugged in? Then you are a waste of electrical energy as well.
    I'll bet that your carbon footprint is three times as big as it should
    be. That too is due to your utter stupidity.

    Now, idiot child, list all the ones you have broken.

    It would not surprise me if the number wasn't the same as the number of
    times you answered your own post AGAIN in this thread.

    You AND your pathetic posts are about as stupid as it gets.
  11. TheJoker

    TheJoker Guest

    The fact is, you do not know the first thing about PCs.

    You think that having a 800W power supply means that your computer is
    using 800 Watts.

    That's not how it works, idiot.
  12. I know how it works idiot, it's needed for "peaks".

    Real usage could however still be 600 watts or so... or 400 watts, still a
    lot of power and thus heat ! ;)

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